Jackie: Age 2 Maybe

June 1, 2005  |  My Life

I believe all of you want to see how cute I am as a baby so I am attaching one baby picture of mine, if it is at age 2 or not I really can’t distinguish but I am at a young age so there :P I don’t play piano however :P

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  1. lol hi my name is Ed, cute picture. that stuff I wrote bout john gray, true :P

  2. Oh my god..Three words to discribe that picture:gorgeous,cute and beautiful :).it makes me wanna bite those cute ears and suck those little fingers! :)

  3. wesalim …athoon il 3abaqer gurl you rock :) smarty ;)

  4. why this one! this one is scary! I like the other one :)

  5. It’s not scary! Jackie, Purg is jelaous. SOO CUTE ;P

  6. Ay jealous! trust me once you see my kid picture you will understand :P

  7. Salim Galbah! Cutie :) It’s okay. You can tell us that you played the piano at two. We wont shoot you with the evil eye (ya3ny mara7 in9ikich 3ayn)! Kidding :P

  8. Mashalla u look so vute :) *kiss*

  9. weshalem galbaha….you looked so darn cute! malat 3ath walah

  10. *me is blushing* Hehehehehe of course this isn’t one of my best pictures there are others where I am much cuter :P But I was in a hurry :P

    Ed, Welcome hehehehe See I won’t bite you :P

    Blue, Hehehehehe don’t bite my fingers they are the source or the method of writing this blog LOL :P

    Nooni, ehehe thanks :P Now I have become sensitive about my ears :P

    Purgatory, No it’s not that scary :P Hehe i’ll post others later on :P When I relate childhood memories :P

    Shopaholic, Hehehe I know he’s jealous he just can’t stand beauty :P

    D&G, Hehehehe no seriously the piano belonged to my uncle I was in his room :P Hehehe and I always used to pound on it I believe or so they tell me :P

    Al, Hehehehe *me blushing redder than rudolphs nose :P*

    Jelly Belly, hehehehe yea unfortunately fate has a funny way of biting cute babies in the ass :P Hehehe

  11. I said I am going to suck your fingers.it is your ears that I want to bite! :P

  12. oh jacki no gurl sorry i didnt mean too its something very good that you have i didnt mean to hurt..

    you are smart you should be proud.

    i appologize

  13. Blue, SUCKING fingers? :p

    Purg: she IS scary, right? :p

    Jacks: i love u.

  14. Swair, of course :)

  15. OK OK Jackie and SwaiR I’ll save my comments and sucking fingers thing (dunno why its weird and uncomfortable to you guys)… :/ for myself :P I think I’m going to be Purg’s evil twin from now on! :P

  16. Blue, I’ll bite you back :P

    Nooni, hehehe I was kidding :P

    Swair, Bite ME!

    Purgatory, no I’m not!

    Blue, Hehehehehehehe okay I grant you permission to bite :P