Last Day of Fun..

June 10, 2005  |  Uncategorized
So much for fun right? Yea I know.. Damn tomorrow summer course starts and I’m back to a grueling schedule but the only bright spot in this plan is that I finish classes at 1 and I start at 9:20 :/ The past few semesters my classes started early at 8 and it was a pain in the arse that’s what it was.. Now at least I don’t have to wake up at bloody 6 in the morning.. Another good thing is that I won’t be picking anyone up well only one sister at 2:30 for this week only I think..

I seem to be feeling out of place a bit, the reason is unknown, had I actually known the reason I would’ve mentioned it.. It’s just a weird feeling.. God I wish I could become one of the characters in the novels I read.. at least I guess I would be happy.. But what would happen if I reach the last page of the novel it ends there, but what about the characters.. Do they end there or do they continue living in oblivion.. I just finished another Garwood book, I wanted to buy a new McNaught novel but I couldn’t cause the one that I wanted is sold out, I gotta borrow it from my friends..

Situation at home is just the same, I don’t speak to her and I only sit in the same room because I have to sit with my dad and talk to him.. She’s a jealous broad and I don’t like that.. I mean get a life being jealous from a child of your own.. Well I believe I was switched at birth.. Unfortunately some other set of parents had a baby girl at the same hospital and I was sent home with the wrong set of parents.. I want a Great Steak Combo with Fries with Cheese on them.. Mmmm Cheeese.. I love cheese but only certain types of cheese..

I discovered BBC Food and I have been addicted to it ever since heehehe actually when nothing good is on TV I merely just turn on that channel and enjoy various programs, my favorites are of course "Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook" and "Pure Italian" I think that’s what it’s called.. as well as the small segments of "James can Cook".. It makes me hungry just watching them hence the reason for wanting a steak sandwich as well as a particular scene from "Madagascar" which I haven’t completed yet.. Probably later on tomorrow.. I better hit the sack, I believe I have a grueling day and I really need some rest..

So, Adieu and may you all have peace in your lives..

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  1. I want to try out that Great Steak Combo with Fries with Cheese which restaurant is that?
    I have heard you talking about this meal for like million times it must tastes so good :P
    well I’m stressed myself I couldn’t sleep from 11:30 PM until now…and I have an exam
    tomorrow and got to wake up early too.well what can we say?Saturday sucks. :/

  2. Blue, Hehehehe well it’s a restaurant called “The Great Steak and Potato Company” Branches are at Souq Sharq, Marina Mall, Outside near Fanar Mall, hmm I think that’s all there are.. It’s amazing I recommend the Great Steak Combo :P and Just say fries with cheese and they’ll add it :P I might head there myself today to grab a bite :P Saturday does suck :P But so does the Summer :P Hehehe I should head on out grab me a bite coz I’m starving :r Ciaozer :D

  3. oh dear… food…

    i ate so much yesterday i can'[t think of food today… shshshshs… shut up…

  4. Stupid Jealousy

  5. hmmm i feel hungry now…


    Remember our “itifa2”?!

    O well, i’m glad you enjoyed it, even if it was “butchered” ;p

    I’m hungry, i haven’t had anything to eat at all :S

  7. Oo Yes, Blue, i’m 9 months older than you? Still, you’re younger, i’d be pulling a “Demi” as well ;p

  8. why do you keep this away from me Symbols?!

  9. Keep what away from you Blue? Hehehe…

    Aren’t you happy that i’m willing to pull a “Demi” just for YOU?! hehehe

  10. Oh ok in that case then I’m happy wooohoo!!! ;P

  11. Swair, there is nothing such as too much food ;P

    Purg, Oh well life goes on right? :P

    Mark, Welcome to the club although I just ate some delicious Mangoes :P

    Symbols, Sorry :P Hehehe I completely forgot but then again I went the second night it was opened here :P I wanna download it to see it as many times as I want :P

    Blue and Symbols, stop using my blog as a dating service :P Get a room LOL! :P Kidding of course ;P

  12. Well you don’t want me but she does (yeah right)!we should head to your blog Symbols for some privacy :P

  13. JaCkie, il marra il gaya, remember me!

    Blue, Yalla! To the Bat Mobile!! (What?!)

    I mean, let’s go to my blog for some privacy *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* hehehe

    To the Bat Mobile? Seriously, how’d that pop out?!

  14. lol ok I’m coming but before I you want me to wear a Batman uniform too? ;P

  15. Hmmm…yeah, why not?!

    Adds a certain sexiness to it all, don’t you think?! ;p lol…Do you happen to look like George Clooney, you’d look delicious in the Batman suit if you did? (omg, did i just say that?!)

  16. Allah “Great steak and potato company”, feen ayamek ya amreka ;P

    Jackie, you can’t be switched at birth. Cuz if you have been then ur mum wouldn’t know this fact and will still luv u as a daughter. Maybe you were adopted. Oh maybe your dad was married to someone else and had you ? lool Too much TV people

  17. I actually do look like him a little bit.we both have some stuff in common (yup I’m serious)
    and it would be the chin the brown eyes and the mouth.although mine is a bit smaller (duh he’s older than me)but sure I can look like him in a Batman suit does that interests you
    in some way? ;) ok this is my last response otherwise Jackie will kick my butt :P we
    seriously should head to your blog or mix it up on MSN :P
    ta ta my batgirl ;P