4 Days Ago, 3 Years Ago..

June 15, 2005  |  Uncategorized
Unfortunately, I didn’t choose to write this post until past my 3 year anniversary of my graduation.. A day that seriously was fun in the morning and led me to getting pissed off in the evening.. But the point is.. That it was the last day that my high school friends and I were together as friends and enjoying .. I was just remembering my Senior Video Tape, a tape that we made to remind us of certain special events that happened in our senior year.. And well I got homesick to those days.. High School days are truly the best days of your life and I remember hearing that the day I got into high school but never thought to believe it.. Oh god, I am even remembering my fears when I was going to start 9th grade.. I remember that I had a terrible nightmare where I became lost in the school and stuff.. memories have a nice way of shocking you don’t they?

University introduced me to new people, people who I wouldn’t get close too in actual life.. Well mainly because I am a shy person and if a person approaches me and starts to get close to me and become my friend then that’s how I get friends.. But I never make the first step.. I also always remain an outsider absorbing the surroundings and never partcipating fully.. maybe because of the lame-ass rules I had to abide by at home.. I mean no going to friends house, if a friend calls I get a grilling from my mother on who, what, what she wants and if I am heard laughing with my friends, are you sure you’re talking to her and not her brother! I mean get a life.. Anyways I thought that I should remember this lovely day:

June 11, 2002!

The day I graduated and life basically spiraled downwards for the most part until I graduate university again.. It appears to be that all of my sisters want to study abroad and I was the only one stuck here well forced in a way to become a slave.. But it reminds me greatly of what my older uncle had to endure when my father went abroad for his studies however my father is older than him… I constantly suffer and it hurts sometimes really it does.. I can’t complain that outwardly because if I do, I will be accused by many others that I need to grow up and face it.. But it’s not really fair ever since I was 18 I was forced with all of this.. I remember getting specific instructions to "take classes that end before my sister’s finish school" so that I pick them up… but oh well…

I’m exhausted, it’s the weekend, 6 weeks left of summer, the summer heat is unbearable and I can’t understand how I survived last year although I remember it being less hot, and well.. I am in need of a vacation!

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  1. I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but my bestest bestest years were college.. I would give an arm and a leg to be back in that stage of my life.. high school was nothing compared to the fun I had back there.. ohh the days.. and even if I go back. I know it?€™s not the same.. :(

    I am sure things will be better Just Jackie.. just wait and see.. it?€™s stress and hot.. but when the time comes and you be on your vacation, it?€™ll be better I promise.. and we will miss you for sure.. :*

  2. im loving this summer course maybe because its my first in kuwait :)
    but you know what i love my secondary schoool years , although my high school were very funny .
    but in KU i’ve learned alot and been strugling alot to prove my self and actually
    i suffered from that but yet it made me a better person i believe :)
    u knwo i love everything and all thedays i spent in labs with my micro. aliens :)

  3. I want to beat your parents, can I?

  4. Girl make the best of what you have outside your home. Thats all I can tell you. What i do is I make sure that if anybody or any situation is worse than what i have to deal with at home i put an end to it. I dont need to put up with those people. You cant choose your family but you can choose your friends.

  5. well purg opened my eyes on something … jacki i still can’t understand why you see it very bad picking up your sisters.
    i mean dear you should thank god for what you have and not complaine and thank god you have your parents 3ala rasich .. instead of actually having a single parent who do every thing without complaining and yet you always feel guilty that you can’t do much..

    Dear its ok to complain and release your stress but my sweet jacki you have to believe that this is for your own good. believe me one day you will be thankful for them giving you all these responsibilties and thank god that you didnt rise in a single parent automosphere were the responsibilities you are complaining about are nothing sompared to those im talking about..
    i hope you get what i mean.

  6. Nooni: if parents do not realize what’s good for their
    daughter, then I think she should let them know. Forcing
    her to take courses that suit their lifestyles is waay
    too selfish and inconsiderate.

    Sorry Jackie but I had to say this – when it comes to a
    child’s education, I think the parents should serve their
    kids, and not the other way round.

  7. The Don, Had I had your college years of spending them in the beautiful state of Florida I would have really considered your position, but since I am stuck in Kuwait with family all around me not that its a bad thing but kind of restricting to being on my own and learning to cope with that.. I would’ve truly said otherwise.. I don’t regret staying in Kuwait but I still wonder what if I had the chance to go abroad for those years would I have become incredibly stronger?

    Nooni, I can’t understand why you find this the best summer I find that last year was much better, I had a nicer break between classes and I could very much enjoy it with less heat.. But anyways yea..

    Purgatory, Gather the penguins and beat one of them.. hehe not the other :P I would appreciate it :P

    J, That’s the point, outside I can forget everything that happens inside that stresses me out, therefore I enjoy having long days of classes merely because I don’t have to face going back home.. Whenever a professor becomes absent I merely spend the time with friends rather than head on back..

    Nooni, I will refrain from answering you on this current question because you truly are not understanding one thing.. “Children are not SLAVES, that should be fashioned to do your bidding”.. I would gladly help if there was any need for that.. but when a parent has a very flexible schedule of going to work from 8 to 1 and their children leaving school at 2:30 I find it rather hard for them to force a person who has a schedule even worse from 8 to 2 rushing and speeding to pick up their siblings.. I sometimes think about what my sisters will enjoy and the ordeal that I was put through and think that they will end up way better off than me.. For once in my high school years I was forced to bear endless abusive words and fights that came about during finals times which ended up with me graduating with an average GPA rather than have what my sisters have of peace and ease of everything..

    Shosho, thanks for coming to my rescue really hehehe I luf u :P And I agree.. Totally 100% agree..

  8. When I was still in college, I thought high school days were the best. Now after graduating, I REALLY MISS college days. It was the best time of life, ever. High school was fun and all, but university was different. Living on your own, meeting different people, struggling with projects and papers, the sleepless nights.

  9. Look on the bright side, you’re outta here for your Masters! yay!


  10. I know exactly how you feel…
    I’m missing those high school days so bad…
    And I’m stuck here where I’d much rather be in the states
    Worst of all, being stuck here made be turn in this horrible
    depressed person that hardly anyone can stand
    Constant arguements with my parents…I never had many friends
    but i’m losing those few friends i had, although i have a lot
    of people to hang out with in KU i never really made “friends”
    with any of them, never went out with them, never called them
    or them calling me if its not for school…

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that you are not alone..
    Only 2 or 3 more years and it’ll all be over!

  11. Hmmm. I think we went to highschool together.

  12. Shopaholic, Again :P Had I been abroad college years would’ve been much more interesting and fun rather than depressing and annoying here in KU! :r

    Symbols, yea we’ll see if I get a chance though :/

    Incomplete, I’m glad that you understand and its more like half a year left :/ January ’06 and I’m done :/

    Salted Caramel, Hmmmm I dunno maybe? :/

  13. :)

  14. ahh the old days.., i remember ebteda2i days being the best of them :D

    i’m an intermediate school graduate so that’s all i have, i remember intermediate school as being hell on earth cause of the pressure and the struggle to be accepted, lol ma3aleh i don’t want to make you feel more miserable with with all that heat cause it’s getting on me too :P

    just be happy that you’ll be graduating soon enough and you’re gonna go for a masters? YAY JAX! good luck with your progress dear :D