Can’t Take

June 16, 2005  |  Uncategorized
Can’t take the heat and the pressures.. Therefore…

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  1. did the duck suicide?

    sorry dear i think i dont get it … i wish you all the best dear and i wish things get better with your parents (luve you jacko;)

  2. hmm although my birthday has passed long ago but since I graduated from High school (yay)
    I’ll make a wish for that day some time I wish I see Jackie not busy,stressed,tired or sad.

    Cheers! :)

  3. Nooni, nah not yet :r But that’s what I want to do and wish to do ;P

    Blue, Hehehehe I wish that as well.. :/ I truly do

  4. Hmm…why are there comics infront of the poor Duckie?!

    Disturbing :s

  5. hahahaha, suicide duckie :), just lift the banner up and hold a knife.

  6. is that proof of life?

    what does the ransom note say?

  7. Duckie’s been taken by Iraqi forces!?


  9. what is it with ducks and penguins?!

  10. Symbols, to distract it from being sentenced to death :/

    Purgatory, hehehehe evil cruel penguin ;/

    GEORhythm, there is no ransom note, just saying that pretty soon duckie will be dead :/

    Swair, yeas :/

    Symbols, yes yes I know :/

    Rampurple, Well Ducks are Quacky and penguins are psychotic :P We are forming alliances I believe :P