Judy Judy

June 21, 2005  |  My Life

Judy Judy Judyyyyyyyyyyy! I love you.. But sadly enough I love Layan even more :P Because she is soooo adorable :P It hurts :PAs I mentioned yesterday or the day before whenever I wrote my last post that I was going to go and check out the new baby girl, Judy, at the hospital and I did hehehe.. It was so fun :P What more would anyone want than a sexy little baby girl :P As I promised I took plenty of pictures of course most of them with both Judy and Layan in them :P I spent most of my time with Layan goofing off with her.. I swear she is like a baby sister to me :P And since her daddy is more of a father to me as well it makes sense.. You see I don’t call her daddy “Uncle” instead I call him “Baba (Name)” I have gotten used to it ever since I was a child, since I spent my first 2-3 years with my grandmother and uncles and aunt (from father’s side) and therefore to me I grew up with a 6 fathers :P and 2 mothers (Aunt, and Grandma) It truly was a fun stage of my life..

So let’s see, Layona was being so naughty :P going and coming but show her a camera and she runs immediately to you and sits so quietly and nicely next to you.. Which is what I did :P Also the fact that she kept on telling her “Daddy” that she wants to carry baby Judy hehehe :P She says that “My sistaaaaaa BIG” hehehe ;P And I kept on telling her no your sister is small :P and you are the big girl :P I loveeeee her!

Anyhow with that over, and pictures going to be attached at the end, I thought maybe I could talk about what happened in my last few days.. I know it’s shocking to see a post written at 6 AM! But it’s true.. I came home last night at around 7:45ish and I went to bed at 8:30ish without even bothering reading anything.. I wanted to take a nap and then wake up but the next time I woke up was at 3AM and then I went back to sleep until 5AM.. Then I decided to get up shower, eat breakfast (I wanted to make me some but I felt lazy when I got into the kitchen since everyone is asleep), and now here I am writing this post..

Classes are boring.. I hate them but what can I do or say, it’s no use you know.. Hehehe I have to work hard this semester and the next and then I’ll be over and done with.. Wow, I can’t believe it.. I’m a graduate next semester.. YaY!

Gym plans are on hold at the moment due to the fact that I am severely broke and that father is out of the country for a week hence I need some cash for the gym :P I need to also ask him soon but we’ll see about all of that..

I have “The Merchant of Venice” the latest production of it on DVD, starring none other than Al Pacino and Joseph Fiennes (from Shakespeare in Love) and therefore I am looking forward to watching it soon.. Apparently it’s one of Shakespeare’s masterpieces :P Right?

Thousands of movies are waiting for me to watch them but no use.. I gotta wait since I don’t have that much free time.. Hopefully all is going to change.. Time planning should be on my schedule now :P And I hope it will be..

Purgatory has been missing from the commenting scene, I hope nothing bad has happened to him, and Rampurple from the blogging scene.. I wonder why did she decide to quit ? :/ Or remove her blog entirely? :/

Finally, I’m hungry.. I can’t wait to dry my hair, get dressed and go out get me some breakfast and then head onto school! Jessica Simpson’s new song “These Boots are made for Walking” or whatever its called is well catchy and I can’t wait for the actual premiere of it, since I have had enough of video clip teasers :/

The day baby Judy was born, and Layan is caring her :D
The day I visited (yesterday), picture from my phone camera.
Layan, smile! And you get this smile :P
Ask her to say Cheese without closing her eyes and she will do this :P
She’s mine, mine, mine! That’s what Layan is thinking :P


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  1. oh gurl what a cute baby :) tetraba eb3ezkom but hey dont spoil her alot ;)
    it seems you are finaly having some good time im thankfull that jude came to this world :) she made you smile.. i missed that.

    Hey didnt you notice that also bo_ghazi mekhtefy !!

  2. Not true, we are around :)

  3. i thought they were gonna call her Jodi? :/

    oh well, judy is nice too..

    oh yeaaa, u hate me :p

  4. Nooni, Thanks I know she is amazing and beautiful hehehe :P and she did make me smile alot

    Purgatory, why no posts or comments for a while? :/

    Swair, I don’t talk to you.. and the spelling of the name might differ bs its pronounced the same..

  5. allah ye’7alhom lekum oo yetraboon eb3ezkom inshallah :)

  6. Says who! I post and comment

  7. Ferrari, Merci Merci :P

    Purgatory, No you don’t you’ve quit for a few days but it seems like months to me :P

    Rampurple, why? :/