Oh the headache..

June 22, 2005  |  Why?
I loathe mornings, I am definitely not a morning person, just wake me up anytime during the day such as noon or afterwards and I’d be sooooo happy and so cheerful that I can actually enjoy the day but waking up at 7AM or 6AM yekh! I wonder how ever am I going to deal with the stupid work schedules when I get a job :/ Too bad there isn’t a job with lenient hours :/

Have I turned into a cynic or pessimistic person over the past few years in my life.. I keep wondering about that.. I am not sure really.. I was reading this novel by Judith McNaught called "Something Wonderful" where the heroine is a life loving person who believes that something wonderful will happen each day.. She loves life and lives it to the fullest leaving nothing to bother her or worry her and such.. I want that kind of attitude towards life but I find it hard when I believe life’s soul purpose of our existing is seeing that we are tortured in everyway possible :/

Soon it will be the weekend and I can’t really wait for it.. I am looking forward to the comforts of my bed and books for companions I swear I am going into seclusion with all this reading.. Man it’s getting hot in here :/ My first midterm will be a week from today.. can you believe that midterms already.. I can’t even believe it’s Wednesday already :/

Anyways time for me to get ready for stupid school and get some breakfast :/ So Adieu

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  1. as a guy that work in the government , it sucks , the thing that suck is that there is no change
    its the same every day , nothing change

    also depending on the place you work at and where you live , you may need to wake up
    earlier , some of my father friend woke up at 5:30 , drive kids to school then meet up
    at a resturant or starbucks till its time for their job

    i tried to get work at a privite sector , hell i wanted shifts just because you don’t feel its
    the same thing everyday , but i couldn’t get the job and got the government job :(

  2. well sweet jacki since you are going to continue on your masters and since its not in a scientific feild then cheer up :) no 8 am classes .. the earliest thing would be around 10 or 9 :)
    anyhow dear i really really wish that you see life in a better way than the way you are looking at it… why are we tortured?! can you answer this question?
    dear this torture if u insist its torture makes our skin thicker and makes us stronger persons and pushes us to reach our goals and targets ,dont you think?
    talking about my self every single harsh moment i went throw made me a wiser and happier person, we learn my dear and learning is not easy the same idea with school no A’s if there was no hard work o ta3ab mo chithi!
    i would recomend you to be part of KATCCH (Kuwait Action to Take Care of Childrens in Hospital), it will change your view of life. But yet you will have some harsh days there :).. (wish you all the happiness in the world)

  3. Agreed with nooni in every word.

  4. well marry me and then you do not have to wake up at all :P

  5. Ok, 2 second shock passed ? :P

  6. Just Jackie, after reading your entry, I started wondering too.. because I never thought I am that way.. I remember how unstoppable I used to be, and finding good things in bad situations, I loved life.. and today, I don?€™t see my self as happy as I used to be few years ago.. my best times were college, and from graduation it?€™s been down.. I never noticed how much I changed until recently, and I want to be like I used to.. care free.. and I never let anything bothers me.. I don?€™t know if I ever gonna be that kid again..

    About the working hours.. well it?€™s different.. your body will adjust to the timing, it?€™s not like college were you keep on changing class timing, it?€™s the same time everyday.. so after a while your body will pick up a pace and a pattern, I, for instance, wake up everyday at the same time.. even on weekends, my internal clock wakes me up without alarm or anything at the exact time as always?€?

    And if you want night shifts, I can arrange that in my company, we have people working from 4 pm till 12 am everyday.. so you can sleep as much as you want.. :D

  7. Forzaq8, True routines really suck the life out everyday things.. It’s nice to look for spontenaity and such :/

    Nooni, you always seem to coat the facts that I present and the torture I present as being a test from God and such.. I don’t like living my life as if it’s a test.. Tests suck and therefore I don’t want to judge my actions or things that happen to me as a test or as my way of responding to it.. :/

    Ferrari, tsk tsk tsk :/

    Purgatory, LOL what if I were to accept such proposal? :P What would your reaction be :P And to put you at ease hehe there is no shock in your question :P

    The Don, I knew that I wasn’t the only one in my disposition about life or about how things are flowing.. I think I never looked at a day being filled with wonderful things.. I truly can’t recall such a feeling but then again my memory is blocked I can’t remember anything past the time after the Gulf War, as for my biological clock waking me up.. I guess so.. but until I cross that bridge it’ll be something left to ponder..

    LOL Staying up from 4-12AM is not at all that intriguing :P What if I were to accept Purgs proposal :P I wouldn’t even be able to see him :P His days are filled with work my nights are filled with work :P Hahahahahahha

  8. You’re not pessimistic or anything!! you’re just reading to many books, and books are just too perfect, ya3ni they’re just the perfect world, unfortunatley we don’t live in a perfect world. We don’t always get what we want and we have to deal with the cards laid out on the table *sigh*

    Just smile and live life, the best WILL come out of it hun! :)

  9. Ok I don’t agree with nooni in every word just some :P happy now Jax? :P

  10. hmm, nah you would not :)

  11. Symbols, that’s just the thing though I can’t smile and live life and hope for the best.. I don’t anymore.. :/ But oh well..

    Ferrari :/ Still :/

    Purgatory, so you know me too well?> :P

  12. Oh shush, you know you can!!


  13. Symbols, hehehehe I hope I can :P Now I wanna focus negitivites into doing goodies :P