Late Pizza Dinner

July 10, 2005  |  Creative
Ding Dong.. Ding Dong..

The bell to his appartment was ringing while he stumbled into his discarded jeans that laid on the floor and headed towards it. He thought to himself that it must be the pizza guy delivering their order. Funny how being stuck at home for almost an entire day with her has worked up his and her appetite into a huge frenzy. They were both starved after the non-stop activity of last night and early today.

Waiting in line wasn’t just them and with her constantly teasing him right there in such a public place led him to take matters in his hand. What a little devil she is, he thought to himself smiling at the memory of last night. They were about to hit one of the hotest restaurants and have a nice candle-lit dinner but with her constant naughtiness he thought that a different kind of dinner was called for.

After leaving the restaurant, he decided to take her to his appartment for a special dinner that he would set up after a while but things got heated up too quickly that dinner was forgotten and well the only thing devoured then was each other.

What an innocent looking woman she was, she had that angelic look about her when she was out anywhere, especially when he met with her on dates yet when he took her back to his or her place. Man, was she a temptress, a devil in disguise. She made Elizabeth Hurley who played the devil in "Bedazzled" look like an angel compared to her. Apart from a hot sizzling body that she already possessed, she had a different thing inside her, something that made him always want her when he saw her. Something that made him want no one else but her. True that they haven’t spoken of any sort of commitment between them, but he already knew that it was she who ruled his life and who is a very important part of it. She isn’t like many girls who he hooked up with in the past, at least compared to the other women she was faithful and loyal to him regardless of their non-commitment relationship.

Remembering that the pizza guy is standing outside his door he hurried to open it and take his order and pay the guy to get back to her. He had plans now, plans for the pizza they were supposed to eat to gain a bit of their exhausted energy spent at countless hours of lovemaking. Grinning devilishly he headed back to the bedroom to find her there with the bed sheet wrapped around her exquiste body waiting for him with a heart-wrenching smile. God! She’s so beautiful.

Before enterring the room he heard her call out to him and say "Honey, who was that?" and he answered her, "Your dinner awaits" entering the room with the pizza and some drinks for them.

Laughter twinkling in her eyes as she looked up to him and said "Hmmm, what sort of dinner is waiting?" casually looking into his eyes trying to send out the signals of what she actually wanted to eat at the moment and he understood her. It was the kind of understanding between lovers that neither had to speak in order to say what they want to say. And he started laughing out loud and telling her "Someday you’ll be the cause of my death hehehe, now come over here and let’s start our actual dinner. We really need to recharge our energy for what I have in store for us."

Moving as if she was a naughty little kitten that she actually was, she came towards the chairs that were set up in his bedroom around a small table and sat next to him still clutching the bedsheet to her and started to take a slice of pizza as he looked seductively towards her.

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  1. Seductive, it?€™s getting better as it matures, I mean your story ;)

  2. It’s seductive and u shoulda mixed it up even more :P keep it up Jackie good work u got an amazing talent

  3. Ayya Hehehe I am hoping to have more stuff added to it.. You know make something of it.. and I am not thinking of giving them names, maybe later on, but now let us all imagine that she might be one of us and he might be one of the guys..

    Ferrari Who knows there might be some references to it later on

    Shopaholic Hehehe I’m Glad you loved it :P

  4. that’s what you meant by “more action” lol!

    Why Pizza tho? Why not chinese?

  5. Because her last night’s dinner was Pizza and it was at a late Italian food > Chinese food :P that’s why, right Jax? ;P

  6. i think its pretty amazing how lust is overwhelmingly mistaken for love

    neverless, a promising talent u got there!! hoping for stories of a different nature in the future.. anything in the works?

  7. Symbols Well for one thing, pizza as Ferrari has mentioned is what I ate last night and umm I love pizza more than Chinese :P Hehehe and well more action might be on the way.

    Ferrari Yes you’re right

    Temetwir Well we’re not sure here if it is only lust or actual true love. Who knows and Welcome to my bloggy world :P And umm thanks alot.. Who knows might write an actual boring book :P

  8. This is a sudden change…too many mills and boons are corrupting u..:p
    Nice story i wonder too

  9. Can’t wait to read the rest.. I am imagining people in my mind already.. I am not gonna say who though.. :p

  10. Hehehe, Jackie you had me smiling all the way ;)

  11. e3jebatni the Ding Dong Ding Dong LOL

    so when does the action start??!?!!

    theba7teeeeena cliff-hangers!! “”as he looked seductively towards her.””

    i’m gonna kill u for that lol, etshoofeen shughlich bacher :p