July 15, 2005  |  I want..
Lately, it seems that as if Jackie is no longer herself, it seems that she is facing some sort of depression or well out of character-ness :/ It’s a shame though because she sometimes has her fun days and sometimes the nasty ones you know..

I think I should stop talking about myself in the 3rd person or whatever point of view this is.. It’s just that I haven’t been posting as often as I used to in the past few months.. and the stories that I wrote well they were not basically me things or stuff that I used to type about and stuff.. Well update of the past week is required here.. I have finally received the books I ordered from Thrift Books and I would like to say that 7 out of the 8 novels that I ordered were in pretty good shape one wasn’t that good.. and even though the book covers that I saw as images on the site itself showed something different than what I received nonetheless they are nice to have.. I am going to refrain from buying anymore books for the time being.. Since in a few weeks I am leaving Kuwait…

Yes I am leaving, I am going to the States from the 7th of August to the 28th of August.. My dad, sister and I will be going together, we will be getting her settled and such at her university and dorm but while we’re doing that I would be out shopping and checking out the stuff there. It is also the time where I will actually get the powerbook that I have constantly talked about in the past and test it out completely, I will be ordering it on her student ID card and that qualifies me to a free Mini iPod which will be used as a special birthday gift to someone :P Not you Swair, and not you Purgatory :P I will be checking out various malls for the perfect jeans, some great shirts for my fall and final semester, probably hook myself up with a nice new haircut but who knows.. Things are looking well for me you know.. hehehe I will be extra happy when I am there, it will be a different experience altogether.. And for those curious as to where I am going to be staying, I’ll be in Columbia, Missouri.

Last week, I had a few midterms, I’ll be having another one this wednesday, I also met with friends on Tuesday well university friends at Pizza Hut and had a nice long lunch ehhehe.. Before that however we were at Baskin Robbins where we poked fun at their new summer slogan which said "Insanely Large.. Can you handle it?" Hehehehehe I still laugh at that :P Of course I can handle it! Can you? :P

Wednesday was the best day ever, I met with my bestest best friend in the whole wide world hehe and we hung out at her place for a while, it’s a shame I left sort of early since her dad made a steak dinner but I had to leave :/ Unfortunately.. And there was this one obnoxious snob there however who makes it seem that she is a "princess" yea like whatever :P I love my best friend’s dad hehehe he’s amazing and such a cute guy :P I believe I will go over next week or the week afterward who knows as long as I visit her soon :P

I watched the entire season 3 of Gilmore Girls which I had borrowed a while back from a friend who downloaded them but they were in pretty not so okay shape as well as the first 10 episodes of season 4 and the end of season 2 even.. I am however downloading the rest of season 4 and umm I believe I’ll be looking for some used DVDs when I am abroad.. Who knows..

One last thing to mention is that I recently obtained a new type of contacts "Acuve Advance with Hydraclear" thingy and they are a weekly set of contacts which allow you to sleep in them.. I must say that they are incredibly comfortable and when I slept in them that night and woke up I didn’t feel any discomfort except that my eyes weren’t used to contacts that much so I had to take them out Thrusday night to rest my eyes.. But I believe I’m going to be travelling with my contacts, which is a better thing..

I want a tan, I want to get a good one.. Unfortunately I am insanely white :/ Not insanely but well parts of my body which aren’t exposed to alot of sun, my legs for example (and take your minds out of the gutters) are really white… I so want a tan..

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  1. 100% agreed with the first paragraph :P and I hope u have a nice trip with ur sis and dad..have fun and don’t look at “cute” guys okay?don’t forget the tattoo thingy too :P and yes I’m one of the curious people :P

  2. Ferrari Hehehehe, interesting I wonder how papi would feel if I went out alone and came home with a tattoo on my body :/ Hehehehe

  3. I accept belated gifts too :P

  4. Finally a “back-to-normal” post :D

    I hope you pass your finals splendidly, and enjoy your trip to Missouri.

    What about duckie?????

  5. Purg No you don’t I checked earlier with you :P

    Shosho Hehe so I see you’ve been following me but not commenting, I am shocked :P Hehehehe and I hope I pass finals splendidly as well and I wish to enjoy my trip and Duckie is going to sleep over at your place with P4 :P

  6. Have a great trip grl!! ;P

  7. /me gives u same treatment: LAME-O

  8. no no no!