July 26, 2005  |  Uncategorized
This post is to make Purgatory feel loved :P Hehehehehehehehe!

In a few hours my friends and I are heading out to a cool place to have a nice breakfast meal, afterwards God knows where we will head hehehe but the point of this outting is to get rid of the feeling of classes and the annoying teachers.. Anyhow.. I am SLEEPY.. I LOOK FORWARD TO COMING BACK TO MY BED SOON!

Second bit of business, since I was feeling bored yesterday and surfing through the television channels since I already finished watching Gilmore Girls.. I have stumbled upon two episodes of The Simpsons back to back on Paramount hehehe I started watching the ending of one and laughed and then the second and laughed my head off.. I believe it might be a re-run or whatever but the episode was of Homer finding a book of classics and he was telling his children the stories of Odysseus, Joan of Arc, and Hamlet.. Hehehe they all cracked me up and I fell in love with the retelling :P

Finally, I am going out now Purgalicious :P And I will get you ummmmmmmm nothing :P Just kidding :P

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  1. How come you don’t take us with you?!! khalas za3alt ana

  2. You will get the revenge you deserve!

  3. Ferrari, Kaifi :P

    Purgatory, No revenge seen here.. hehe :P

  4. just wait!

  5. yea, we had fun…

  6. Swair there too! you you you!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!