Travel Log (Day 9 + Day 10)

August 16, 2005  |  Uncategorized
Something happened to the wireless connection here that made me have to use the free AOL dialup hours which sucks ASS! So I have to combine the two days together.

Day 9:

It was a very sweet day except for the constant rain that annoyed the hell out of me, we went out driving and went to check out the appartments, there is a complex here that has most of the Kuwaiti’s well they are eall guys! And therefore my dad believes that it’s better for my sister to be close to them, anyways we saw the 1 bedroom appartment and we loved it. We hoped for a vacancy of a 1 bedroom or even a 2 bedroom appartment so we left afterwards.

We decided to go to Brady Common’s where the University Bookstore exists, and Tiger Tech… They have a special discount price on all powerbooks and ibooks, as well as some Dell laptops and desktops… Father dearest, God bless him! Bought me the Powerbook 12 inch with the Superdrive, as well as the iSight camera, and a Laptop Sleeve, as well as a surge protector all for the price of $1600 with tax included, imagine that! We bought my sister’s iBook for $1,880 and mine for less than that, it’s awesome. I love it, I am actually typing this post through it.

Unfortunately the net went down a couple of times last night but I did get a chance to try out the iSight camera with my Uncle back home, through AOL Messenger, I used of course iChat and he used AIM, but it was amazing. I love it! I am playing around at the moment checking it and stuff… We got Microsoft Office and it works great, we bought one with 3 Serial numbers and so I installed it on both the powerbook and iBook…

The day ended with me finding the Oxygen channel and catching a nice movie, right now (today) The Ellen Degeneres Show is on and it’s cool. So that was it.

Day 10:

Orientation took place this morning and I went along with my sister, it was kind of cool but boring still for me, father dropped us off and he went to the complex place and it so happened that today a 1 bedroom tenant was moving out so we got her a 1 bedroom appartment! So the day was cool…

She also won’t have to take the English Placement test, which is extra cool… Ummm we set up for her the Mediacom Cable package, with TV and Cable Internet, which is about 3MBPS or 5MBPS which rocks… Wednesday they will set it up in the morning… We got her a phone line as well and everything else. The appartment will be furnished from the place itself which is very good but we will buy her extras.

Went to Village Books which KICKED ASS BIG TIME! I found like 10 books, well 9 of the books Used for half of their original price which turned out for a total of 38$ I mean that is truly a big big save, I have now a few more books on my list, as well as gift books for my friends! Afterwards we headed to Best Buy and selected the items we want for her appartment, TV, and such… But we bought the wireless router and the Cable modem in order for me to set up a wireless network there. It’s awesome.

Afterwards we got some Burger King and headed back to the hotel, where the internet is still not working but I connected to AOL dialup and it’s so slow that I am dying from it but still it’s cool… Anyways I guess that is all there was to it.

It’s fun being here, I wish I had my own place I would be living in a zoo but still it would be awesome! Seriously!

Anyways I miss all of you guys and my friends and family back home so until then, Ciao!

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  1. Your sister should not live close to them, that is always a false perception. She should move later outside to a place with other nationalities.

  2. I agree with Purgy, bad idea. You never know what these guys are up to…..

  3. Agree too, not a very smart idea. Well, it might be good for the first year but then she needs to move away.
    Enjoy your powerbook, I am loving mine ;P

  4. Can your parents adopt me? I’ve got all the paper-work ready, i just need their signature :P LOL!

    Glad you’re having a super-duper time!! ;)

    Miss ya, btw, did you get the text msg i sent you? :D

  5. Hang on, ‘Oxygen’ do you get to see ‘Oprah’ The After show?!!!!! You lucky cow!! I hate thee!!!! :P looool…

    Okay, okay, i don’t hate thee *sigh*

  6. Dear Jackie,

    Mabrook on the new Powerbook. Finally….after all this wait. I am so excited for you.

    The 12′ Powerbook is a cute laptop…don’t you think. Enjoy!

    Your Resident Mac-Head,


  7. Purgatory, well the building has a lebanese family and maybe 3 Kuwaitis but all spread out all part of the same community though, and then there are other nationalities, but she won’t socialize with anyone so there is no worry there.

    Shosho, true but still read what I said to Purg.

    Shopaholic, Well hopefully by next year I will join her for my Masters degree and then we would get a place together and be each others pal :P And I do love my Powerbook but I still love my Tablet PC much more :P

    Symbols, you reminded me of the guy I saw today working at Best Buy, father had just purchased a TV, sound surround system, microwave for my sister’s new appartment and the guy was like what christmas shopping? :P Dad said no its for my daughter, he’s like can I be in your family? :P Hehehehe god he was cute :P And as for the Text msg, well apparently dumb me I didn’t activate the SMS roaming so I can’t receive anything :/ And yes I get to see Oprah’s After Show :P Nananananannaa Bobobo and I am on my way to being a cow :P

    Misguided, Thanks resident Mac-head and It is a cute laptop very cute and I am enjoying :P Thanks