Travel Log (Day 11)

August 17, 2005  |  Uncategorized

As many of you know I am currently out of Kuwait, and in the States, I am also the one who adds most of the blogs on Kuwait Blogs right? Okay we have established that point, therefore right now I am on vacation and I am receiving thousands of blog requests many of them from the same email and I would like to mention one thing. NO BLOGS WILL BE ADDED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 1. Unless Nibaq adds them himself, I am not adding anything at the moment, unless I am really really BORED and I have nothing to do then I might add the ones that I received first. Otherwise sorry for the inconvenience.

So, I am currently in my sister’s apartment, which looks awesome, and I am using my powerbook :D Yay! Right? I downloaded Ecto the desktop blogging tool and it’s awesome, I love the interface of it, I also have Mac Journal but I haven’t played around with it enough. The best thing about Ecto is that I have everything that I would normally have on my normal PC. The few things that piss me off about a Mac is that MSN Messenger doesn’t have audio/video conferences or conversations so I have to convert some of my friends into Mac in order to run iSight or have a voice conversation. Also that there are many programs that I love that customize my MSN messenger as well as many other things that doesn’t exist for the Mac yet, example is Messenger Plus! doesn’t work on a Mac. Yahoo Messenger the Windows version offers a feature in which you can send SMS text messages to any number from your Yahoo account and it isn’t here on the Mac. So minor tiny things that make me remain a Windows user.

But it’s very very easy to work on this. I love it truly. So what else, last night had some more Papa John’s Pizza, trust me if I only have that for a few weeks I would be very very happy and I won’t complain at all. In a while we’re going out shopping for more apartment stuff and that’s cool. The cable has been setup and I set up the wireless networking thing now my sister and I can get connected anywhere in the apartment. I wanna hit the Cinema here, but I guess I have to convince Daddy, and our last day lunch or dinner will be in the Olive Garden, hopefully they will be yummy :P

So far I have purchased a lot of books! Let me count just a second. Okay I am back, I purchased 24 paperback books! And the list has around 10 more for myself and a few more for friends. It’s going to be fun I am planning on hitting Columbia Books, as well as Acorn Books since they sell used books there and what’s better than used books. I will then start my wardrobe shopping which would be cool.

God, It’s nice living here, independence and responsibilities but still at least you’re independent, hopefully I’ll have this next year. I just wish that I can grab my friends with me :P Then it would be awesome, renting a house and living together. Anyways until then, let me play around with this powerbook, and you guys enjoy the picture of Duckie at Chilis.


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  1. Again.. Tony Rommas, not Chillies ya bnaia..

  2. hmm, why am I not mentioned in this post?

  3. Yay! books!! woohoo!! hehehe…

    Duckie looks like he’s having fun! I want to go–abduct me woman!! Zap me over there–DO SOMETHING!!!

  4. Sounds like you’re having a great time Jaqui :)

  5. God I wanna go to the U.S so bad! and more pictures please Jackie :P

  6. The Don, Columbia is a small city or town or whatever therefore I didn’t see any Tony Rommas. Just Chilis, Fridays, Ruby Tuesdays, Apple Bee’s and so forth :P

    Purgatory, Because you’re not always supposed to be mentioned

    Symbols, I’m sorry no can do about the abduction or kidnapping hehehe :P So Tough! LOL

    Jewaira, of course… It’s a big change than the life style in Kuwait

    Ferrari, I know the only problem is I don’t enjoy taking that many pictures.. I shy out :P

  7. That is no answer :P

  8. ” hopefully they will be yummy “!!
    Olive Garden IS YUMMY!!

  9. if i had the time, id go back and count how many times u said awesome

    enjoy whats left of it :)

  10. Purgatory, yes it is a logical answer :P

    Shopaholic, Hehehehe I guess I will try it next weekend :D

    TEmetwir, how comee? :r

    Swair, Thanks :P