Travel Log (Day 12)

August 18, 2005  |  Uncategorized

It’s already Day 12 wow! Day 28 is coming soon :/ only 16 days left right? Yea right I suck at math but still… Wow! I love my keyboard, it’s so sexy and hot… We spent alot of time yesterday doing stuff, like shopping for a desk, desk chair, bathroom supplies, kitchen wares, food for the fridge, desk lap, mattress sheets as well as the comforter set, a new door lock for the linen’s closet. Can I kind of switch places with her? I mean I would love having my own apartment and stuff. But I guess it’s not what it’s all hyped up to be.

Oh well, yesterday was fun but there was alot of walking and the heel of my foot killed the hell out of me, we also moved out of the hotel and into the apartment. I gave a tour of the place to my grandma, the first ever tour, then my mother, and then my oldest uncle and his wife. It was fun very fun. Especially when you have a powerbook laptop and an iSight which is shockingly amazing quality and therefore everything looks crisp clear. Once the place is furnished completely I will take pictures and post them up for my family. Already we have plenty of pictures but I wish to have a panaroma camera or something that makes that possible. To take one large picture of the entire place. It’s tiny but it’s a nice tiny better than a dorm room.

Our plans for today, was just to kind of chill and relax, but apparently we have more stuff to do. Let’s see, I woke up at 3:30pm kuwait time which was 7:30 our time I believe and I remembered that I had to have the camera on and the voice in order to give all of my uncles and aunt the tour, and speak with them since today is the gathering day, and that was kind of fun, I also made me some breakfast, the fridge needs more breakfast items I believe. I then took a nice warm bath, and ate another cheese sandwich hehe :P I get hungry a bit easily. It was raining heavily this morning as well as Thundering, but now the skies are clear. I’d like to go out to the bookstore but apparently it’s set for tomorrow, where I will visit two used bookshops and buy my hearts desire. I bought "Fat Actress" DVD Set of Season 1 and I guess I will check it out in a while maybe tonight, other than that my day yesterday and today was okay. I guess Kuwait raised me to be a lazy girl. Now I am a bit more active except I need to get rid of my baby melon :/

This log will help me alot see how I actually changed in stress levels and mood levels as well from Kuwait to here. I am much much much more relaxed with myself. I love it!

Anyways, Toodles! Guess I should write a shopping list.

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  1. why show your mom the place?

  2. purgy: because if she didn’t her mom will insist on coming and seeing it for herself ;)

    Yalla wain el pics :D

  3. Ya can’t wait for the pics..and you should give me a tour sometime too :P

  4. Wow!! super cool!!


    And don’t get rid of your baby melon! lol And JaCkie, you’re right, you are less stressed ;) Insha2alla dayman :D

  5. Purgatory, Had to, she asked ;r

    Shosho, Good girl and pics will be available after the place is done :P

    Ferrari, I won’t give a tour :P

    Symbols, hehehe I will get rid of my melon I have to! :P