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Darkness is often man’s bestfriend, it is a time where one can be themselves without the fear of shocking anyone, however at other times it can be one’s enemy because in darkness, evil lurks. She however enjoys darkness, she enjoys the feeling of utter blackness surrounding her and her alone. Darkness to her is a place where she doesn’t have to hide anything.

She sat alone late at night in the darkest spot of her bedroom, she remained seated there with thoughts only of her life, her past, present, but nothing from her future. She never thinks about the future but always ponders the past. She has made many mistakes, hung out with the wrong crowds and had her heart broken by many young men. But as she sat there she started to imagine dark things, evil events taking place to hurt those who hurt her. In her mind, it was never fair, the treatment she recieved, she was treated poorly by everyone around her and she did not want to take it anymore. So in this dark corner she imagined herself as the tormentor of those evil people, she imagined how she would tie each and everyone of them up in a cold dark dungeon and begin her torturous events on each one of them.

Merely slapping them around wasn’t enough for her, she wanted only pain to reside in their bodies and thoughts, nothing else but pure pain. Deeper pain than that she experienced because she intended to teach them a lesson. Oh how painful her life had been, how utterly sad her childhood. Everything that happened in the past is what shaped her today, it is what made her cold and dark. She used to be a very passionate loving person, however lately her passion focused on exerting pain and no pleasure whatsoever. One might think of her as a sadist, finding her own pleasure through the pain she exerts on others, and in a way she has become that. Outside of her dark room she is known as the Ice Queen, however inside this room bits and pieces of her old self surface for an hour or more, while she works on banishing them entirely from her existance.

She no longer wants to be good, but tries her best to be evil. Because in the dark, she knows she can find HIM there, and she knows exactly what he can do to HER.

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  1. What can I do to her?

  2. Who said it is you who will do something to her?

  3. Because its dark, it has to be me

  4. Not necessarily and he could be Satan himself :P

  5. Tell her once she joins the green side she will be safe…..