Hi, I’m Sick

October 12, 2005  |  My Life


My name is Jackie.
I am sick.
No not that sick, the perverted sickness, no I’m not that sick.
I am sick in regards of my health.
Well not really but I love to exaggerate my health state, love to be umm what’s the word pampered and treated nicely you know as if I am delicate.
I stayed up all day in bed, most of the time sleeping but oh well.
Thought I should mention this probably because I didn’t post at all.
I’m waiting anxiously for my nano to arrive it hasn’t even shipped yet, on Apple’s website the estimated Shipping date is supposed to be October 18th or before it.
I changed the header for the time being to reflect a bit of Jackie in it.
I hope it’s cool now.
This is an interesting way of posting, should continue my experimentations.
Should order books for a research project from Amazon but I would also love to order some books for my pleasure.
Should read something new soon because when I become sick I tend to re-read the novels that are by my bedside.
On a last note, I want to see, adopt, and love Chicken Little.


P.S. Skipped Class today due to being sick and forgetting to set the alarm, however had I set it, I doubt I would have gotten out of bed.

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  1. Hi gurly .. I wish ur nano comes already *cries* … the header looks great .. cute duckies … how can u manage to reread, once i finish a book or novel i can’t get myself to reread it …..

  2. Same here fractal. I have a hard time reading the same thing twice :( Hope your nano comes soon.

    Header looks nice, the duckies are cute. Hope you get to feeling better.

  3. Fractal00, I know the reason behind your crying :P Hehehehe but oh well, the header is fine not totally cute and all I’d like to make it animated with duckies jumping out of the treehouse and running all around LOL that would be hilarious. As for re-reading it’s completely fine with me LOL.

    William, Thanks alot, and I also hope my nano arrives sooner than I would think ;r Urgh I don’t feel like class.

  4. Hope you’re feeling better already ;*

  5. Hahahaha Jax baby you have no idea how your post made me nostalgic for the days that you were waiting for your iPod to arrive! :D I guess some things will never change, eh? ;)

    Anyway good job on adding the girl and the ducks to the Header, it makes everything come together in a coherent whole. Before, that empty landscape was just.. blah :P

    As for reading old books, I do it all the time! They’re like old friends, and I actually miss them and miss going over their familiar lines. Often I see/feel things differently from when I read it the first time.

    Anyway, get well soon cupcake ;D

    Gigi, sweetly

  6. Shopa, a tiny bit better, otherwise nothing else is different I still have pains :(

    Gigi, I know actually if you look at the date today and a date back then I think you might find that it is at the exact same time, see October 18th marked the day I got my first ipod :P And apparently based on what Apple is mentioning to me, my nano is due to arrive on or before 18th of October this year :P So see!

    I want cuter ducks though :(

    And as for meeting old friends in books I totally agree… I refuse to believe that my characters are dead I like to see that they are alive and living happily ever after ;P

    And finally, Thanks I hope I get well soon as well.

  7. SALAMTIK!!!!

    And ya Rab, ya RAB! Your Nano arrives on time!!

    And the header does reflect the “JaCkiness” hehe ;)

  8. Symbols, Alla Esalmich Babes, and I do hope so too :D And thank you for your Jackiness Approval :P

  9. Matshofeen shar my dear. I skipped class today. But im just lazy.