It’s Official

October 12, 2005  |  Apple

Contrary to what rumors were being spread about the Power Macs and Powerbooks recieving an update, the iMac G5 ended up being updated and the Video iPod being introduced.

Video iPod which is known as plain iPod is available in 2 sizes , 30GB and 60GB, it’s available in two colors and the price ranges from 299$ to 399$. True it looks cute (a tiny bit), but it’s no nano at all! It’s too wide for my taste but a little bit thin, which is a good thing.

To me, Black is the new thing and I love black so much that I will only post up pictures of the Black new iPod! It’s a cool technology really, but not ready yet for me, need to see what comes out as 6th Generation iPod then make a move for a new one. At the moment I am content with my order of the nano which is more of a secondary iPod :D

The Black Video iPod

The New iMac G5 (with built in iSight w/lighting, Bluetooth, Wireless, SuperDrive, Mighty Mouse, and the 17inch model running on 1.9Ghz, the 20inch running on 2.1Ghz)

Basically, that’s all there was to it, cool or not? We are being ruled by consumerism or basically I am ruled by that. [Link]

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  1. First time I see a pic of the new iMac. Did you get a chance to test it out at the launch?

  2. McArabian, Well I haven’t been there, I was monitoring it online and I already have an iMac, and a Powerbook at home so I kind of know how it is and all ;p

  3. i want black video ipod thing.
    that’s it.