So in Love

October 12, 2005  |  My Life

Okay I just can’t get over how much love I have at the moment, I am so in love with many things. Just to list a few, I am in love with PowPow, I am in love with my new template (it seems to have grown on me), I am so in love with my upcoming nano and my current ipod, I am so in love with myself (for the time being), I am so in love with my boy (funny how my gadgets and myself come first right LOL!?) Oh well. I am also in love with Happy Bunny and his cruelty, I believe I will set him as my role model.

I need to order books on the Illuminati and I am currently very broke LOL! I just don’t know what to do about that though.

Let’s go back to my I’m so in love list, I am in love with Chicken Little, I am in love with my new hair cut since it looks shorter when its naturally curled (i.e. when I shower and let my hair dry naturally without bothering to do anything with it), and the list does go on I believe.

Until I watch the live broadcast I believe it might be broadcasted live on Apple’s website, the Expo I will refrain from posting I believe at the end of it my nano would be shipped. Right Right?

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  1. your page still works terrible on IE, I think its a small adjustment in yoru settings, check with others users who use wordpress and fix the problem.

  2. Hope you can get around the money problem and get yourself a book. Maybe some long time reader will get you one for your birthday or something, lol.

    Have you seen the Happy Bunny thing that says “You suck, and thats sad”?

  3. I love the new template Jackie :)