Dear Duckie,

October 13, 2005  |  Procrastination

Dearest Duckie,

This is a letter I am writing to my father which I am planning on forwarding to you on the way you know since I am really pissed off. Well I know that I won’t actually say this or send it to Daddy Dearest but still. Gotta let it out.

Dear Father Dearest,

I know you are looking for my best interests and all, but haven’t you realized that by annoying, nagging and harrassing me day and night with questions such as "What is your vision", "Where do you see yourself in 15 years" and such. Bothering me with such questions when I am very lost already is pointless adds to my aggravation and well I am not sure what else.

Also repeating the same lecture over and over and over again makes me feel well incompetent as well as many other feelings. I know I know that "I am very smart but am too lazy to apply myself," but what can I do. It’s something that has become part of me for the past what 4 years or probably longer. Urgh its too much for me already just to be thinking about stuff.

I never wanted to be an English Major, I never wanted to attend Kuwait University, I never wanted to become an English Professor but what can I say? That is apparently the only thing thrown my way. My passion as you can see lies in Computers and Electronics but I stink in mathematics and I didn’t have a "Scientific" degree to allow me to study IT or MIS or something like that at KU so there! So I am kind of lost.

Life sucks, I suck, but things go on and move on. Therefore Dad, CHILL Please :)

Yours Truly,
Your Daughter

And there dearest Duckie is my letter to my father who is at the moment nagging me about writing my CV but has taken the job himself to write it. Oh well. I just can’t figure out how to add the different things I did over the past two years on it. Urgh.

So Duckie enjoy reading and laughing your head off at me,

Not Yours,

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  1. How come you write to a duck and not to me?

  2. Ever thought about studying abroad? I feel bad for you if you are stuck doing English. English major and computers are sooooooo different, omg. Run away! Run away!

  3. why not take a diploma in computers? even if you don’t get one, you can still look for a job in computers depending on your experience and courses that you might have taken.
    good luck.

  4. Careful with the becoming a prof. bit – if you don’t like English and decide to get a PhD in English, it’s going to be 4-6 years of hell after you graduate from KU. You really have to love something to get a PhD in it.

  5. Well, since you’re almost done with KU, that’s gonna be something of the past..

    and well.. look at the brigth side… you love reading, so being an English major can’t be that bad can it?

    And like flamingoliya said, you can take a diploma in computers or something.

    And besides, you don’t have to be an English professor, not everyone works in the major they studied…

    Another thing, since your sister is already studying in the states, you could get your masters there or something? And it doens’t have to be in english.

    You still got some options open! ;P

  6. Jacko, studying something, and ending up doing something totally different than what you studied is very common, many people will major in something in college with lack of experience not knowing what they really want.. take me for example, I graduated with honors from high school in science major thinking I would be a doctor or an engineer, I ended up studying Hospitality managements in college, only to work as an investment manager.. do you see my point.. I didn?€™t know what the hell I wanted in life, but I found it in the end… so don?€™t worry about all of this you have been through, in the end you will find what you want to do in life, and nothing is gonna stop you from doing it.. :)

  7. Purgatory, Because Duckie is always my dearest of friends ;p

    William, in order to study abroad it would mean I need to get a scholarship and since that didn’t go well, I got stuck with English since it’s the only major taught fully in English. But oh well.

    Flamingoliya, could be something to think about :D

    McArabian, it’s not that I hate English Lit, I love reading and all, but it’s something I need to think about in order to major in for a PhD.

    Dishevelled, True, I adore reading but not those ancient authors hehehe some are okay and yet others aren’t, you see my favorite writers would be mostly the Bronte Sisters as well as Louisa May Alcott, I adore them so probably ending up with majoring in that era won’t be a bad thing. And true, I will end up studying with my sister in the states.

    The Don, so totally True! But aside from that ;p What do you think of my new template? :P

  8. nice template.
    why duckie and not Purgs? why duckie and not ME?! :p kidding…

  9. I can only say …. No matter how hard it is , you have to go after what u enjoy in life. There is nothing that sucks more than having to work and study something u dun like, or the thing that interests u the most.. Ur still young you can do it :)

  10. Swair, Thanks honey ;* And again Duckie is better than all of you LOL!

    Fractal00, True