It’s Mine It’s Mine!

October 13, 2005  |  Uncategorized
It’s Mine It’s Mine….

Psych! It’s not actually mine, it’s my Uncle’s his 2gb Nano. But it’s so tiny and beautiful I so so want it :P Well I can wait for mine. Thanks for those who commented on yesterday’s post I really loved having people care about me :P

I’m so sorry, didn’t know how that picture came in here. So I guess appologizing with another picture is needed now.

Oh well, what can I say, I’ll never be a nice person :P But let me give a huge shout out to my buddy and partner in crime Swair :P Argh :P

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  1. right back at ya!! :***

  2. Yay I got me some kisses from Swairty ;****

  3. WOah! Jax! The nano looks HUGE in those pics! You must have tiny hands, girl o_0
    I mean, check out how the nano looks different in the picture on Misguided’s blog:
    Hehehe whose hands are those..? Goliath?!

    Gigi, comparatively

  4. Gigi, Well ummm I am not sure perhaps the camera added a few inches? :P Hehehe Those hands are mine :(

    William, YAY! :P