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October 14, 2005  |  Uncategorized

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I get sudden urges to write almost hourly and all… I’ve got lots of new things going on in my head, meeting is going to be set for this Wednesday. I am recieving a few packages next week, going to work on my CV thingy tomorrow afternoon, going to read a new novel well I actually started it last night, feeling hot right now, in the room temperature heat sense.

But in totally different news, I am writing this to tell my beloved readers and tell myself that there is a new show out on The WB and I believe it has very good substance basically or something like that. It’s by the creators of Friends and Sex and the City so it’s a mixture of both. What’s it called?


The story of the show is basically 4 sisters interacting together. Well that’s what I am getting of it so far. However if I am to quote TV.Com’s description of the show then it would go something like this:

The WB series "Related", comes from the creative forces behind
"Friends" and "Sex and the City." The series tells the story of the
lives of the four Sorelli sisters and their complicated lives as a
family unit as well as their career and relationship tribulations as
young adult women in New York City.

Taking a closer look at the sister’s lives, Ginnie (Jennifer Esposito, "Crash") is a high powered attorney who is happily married and adjusting at being a soon-to-be mom after finding out she’s pregnant. Second eldest sister, Anne (Kiele Sanchez, "Married to the Kellys") is
moving on with her life after her long time relationship with boyfriend
Danny has just ended.

Next on the sister scale is Marjee (Lizzy Caplan, "The Pitts") who is a
bit flighty as a party coordinator and newly evicted tenant that has to
move back into her father’s home and deal with his new fiance Renee.
The youngest sister , Rose (Laura Breckenride) is adjusting to changing
majors at college from Pre Med to Theatre and trying to not disappoint
her family.

With all of this happening the sisters must also cope with each other.
The Sorelli sisters may have difficult times with one another as they
are all different, but in the end they stay as close as anyone in a
family can get.

Something that enjoyed greatly about it was that I could sort of compare my sisters to the sisters on TV :P Because the characteristics are almost so there you know. The oldest Ginnie reminds me of my sister Dee, since she is mostly always serious and never has time to play around and all. The second one Ann reminds me of Fee since she is the wise one the one that analyzes everyone’s situation and never hers. The third one Marjee reminds me of me! Why exactly, I’m just not a 100% sure. The youngest one reminds me of my youngest sister Nance because well she is mostly like Rose. So there!

What else would I like to write about? This lame feeling that I feel alot lately, you know the tickling inside my chest, kind of like ants in your tummy eating away your patience. I just don’t know how to get rid of it. I swear I just can’t. Now I’ve got to go and try to relax. But I hope you catch this show, either by downloading the torrent file via http://mininova.org or by watching it if you are abroad.

Mi Casa es Su Casa.

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with you, darling, just take it in stride.

    What? I never said I was good at giving advice, although I love those bunny pictures in the last post.

  2. I long for American TV. Yall have Orbitz or something? I should break down and pay monthly instead of getting just the free to air stuff. But I’m sooooo cheap :)

  3. Moe, Hehehehe I know the bunny pictures are hilarious.

    William, Downloading is much better than normal TV :P Believe me! Get high speed internet and download the sitcoms :P