Flood of Emotions

October 15, 2005  |  Uncategorized

Emotions are a real bitch sometimes, they can be good and can be bad at really weird times. I mean like lately I feel there is a lot of love flooding my heart yet I can’t find a way to make it become less. You know the feeling when you are in love with someone and it just overwhelms you how much and when you need a way to take it all out you can’t because there is nothing for you to put it in. I don’t know how to explain it all. I mean I just finished reading a novel "Wicked Fantasy: A Novel" by Nicole Jordan. Which is awesome really and I am so in love with Trey Deverill and Antonia Maitland as well. It just happens to me a lot when reading such novels.

I find myself flooded with those emotions, of being so helplessly in love but having nothing to do about it. Oh well enough about that really.

I am obsessing alot, I need to find creative ways to relieve myself of some feelings, but I really must do something.

TV Shows, are really lame, I just watch them to laugh the only one though that I watch is "3adeel Al Roo7" Which in English kind of means Soul Mate or something like that. Well its pretty lame, showing weird aspects of society and really really lame other things. I mean get a life and write something good for once Ms. Al Sa3eed. She really does have a nasty way of writing, so what if somethings exist in society it’s not really wise the way you depict them!

Oh well, let’s see I want something but I forgot what, I need suggestions however, no actually I don’t! I need to get a life basically LOL! And stop complaining right? :P Okay so I guess I should make a short resolution for the next week I will not complain in any post :P Well unless I am writing one similar to the one I wrote in class the other day. And we’ll see how it goes ;P

Oh well, my friends await me! Adieu

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  1. “the feeling when you are in love with someone and it just overwhelms you”

    I know that feeling; i felt it. And now it’s gone. POOF…*sigh*

  2. But it’s just too annoying at times, you know like something itching you deep inside your heart and you can’t scratch it!

  3. I agree that TV show is a joke.and sorry I have been away for a long time and didn’t comment in ages too i just wanna say congrats on the new template it’s awesome! great job Jax :D

  4. Love aint what it used to be. Doing something creative instead is a great idea, stick to it.

  5. heheh i know what you mean, its so frustrating,,
    i get like that sometimes…all i want to do is show the love!

  6. Ferrari, Thanks alot for your wonderful words, and I completely agree.

    McArabian, Yes let’s just hope I stick with it for a while and not just a temporary thing :P

    Delicately Realistic, See it’s too frustrating feeling all that love!

  7. Just convince yourself he is a horrible person and forget about him! That’s really bad advice and was so totally not meant seriously. When you feel something so much you are frustrated beyond belief, fingerpaint!! It made me happy in kindergarden, and I’m sure it will make me happy again today. Be creative, let the artistic juices flow.

  8. True, but creativity doesn’t come easily I believe :r