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October 22, 2005  |  My Life

I have thought long and hard for this post, I wanted to post something different, out of the blue, a sort of shocker to myself and my readers. So while I was sitting here trying to think of something shocking, I remembered this. I am going to introduce to you my favorite comic strip of all time. There is nothing that can top this comic strip for me and I don’t even know why.

My favorite comic strip is:

Calvin and Hobbes.

Well for those of you who don’t know the story, Calvin is the kid who happens to be too wise for his years hehehe sort of, he questions alot of things :r I forgot who he actually represents but I believe the guys last name or first is Calvin. Whereas Hobbes is another actual person but in this comic strip he is the stuffed tiger who turns into a living tiger only to Calvin.

Calvin is such a naughty boy it’s so funny hehe I think that the best way of introducing you to him or re-introducing for others is to post up a few comic strips. Well these are my some of my favorites. The current theme will be on the subject of learning.

So wise this little one right? Cheating her out of her nickel :P

This would teach every teacher out there not to teach useless information right?

What a wonderful relationship between the student and teacher? Wish we had that here, oh wait I believe we sort of do.

Little Freud trying to look at the big picture isn’t he so cute?

The greatest lesson in life is the lesson of procrastination.


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  1. this might be off topic but have u seen the cartoons at

  2. I love Calvin and Hobbes :)
    I’ve always wanted a kid like Calvin. I remember getting upset that the parents never get to see Hobbes for how cool he is. My favourite strips are when Calvin tries a new project and Hobbes points out all the things he’s doing wrong.

  3. Mark, Not really but I’ll check them out in a few moments.

    McArabian, I know I feel the same way about him as well!!

  4. lol i used to have a whole comic book of those when i was in the US, i don’t know where i lost it :/