Banana Split, Wherefore art thou?

October 30, 2005  |  Uncategorized

Banana, oh Banana Split, Wherefore art thou my love? Why are you choosing to avoid me in these desperate times? Why do I have to wait until the prayer sounds in order to indulge in one of Man?€™s finest delicious creations. Seriously, after Fetour time one cannot leave the house simply to get some Ice cream. Especially one who is me, my parents already don?€™t allow me the comfort of going out whenever I want therefore it?€™s difficult enough to do all of this already.

Anywhoo, the days are dwindling down, the end is near, the end of Ramadan that is, the end of the year as well, the time to celebrate my birthday is arriving quicklier than possible wait quicklier is that even a word, I guess not. But oh well, I dub thee a word! Here I am sitting in the library in my ugly filthy university just to keep my dear friend Swair company while she continues her research project which is due tomorrow, one of the five or four researches she has to prepare. I don?€™t remember, it?€™s at some points in our conversations that I space out and everything she says goes from being real words to being ?€?blah blah blobbity blah bloh bleh?€?? and therefore I am not sure about the number thingy.

Tomorrow marks the day of All Hallow?€™s Eve well not necessarily I believe today was such day but I am not entirely sure, anyways tomorrow the day will be October 31st. Some of you bloggers were blogging last year around this time, so if you would delve into your archives you will discover that it was the day of the Blackout of the entire State of Kuwait. Such a wonderful Halloween wasn?€™t it? Hehehe, okay wait memories are flooding right back into my head of the time around the blackout, I remember that last year during Ramadan we spent our breaks in the library annoying the crap out of those who came to study, oh lord, I can even picture us at our favorite table. Wait I have my mobile phone let me give you a glimpse of our past atmosphere, okay so now that I have the pictures let me continue, after allowing Swair to read only this paragraph, I asked her ?€?Do you remember? Are you experiencing flashbacks??€?? and she answered ?€?Unfortunately?€??.

Anyways, so let?€™s go back to those memories, us sitting in the middle tables, not the picture that you will see of course, the others who came to study sat there, and we would have very controversial arguments and others would tap their pens in order to shut us up but we wouldn?€™t quiet down, I just smiled and Swair said ?€?What are you smiling about??€?? I shook my head but in reality I smiled about the word ?€?pens?€?? hehehe insert another letter and it would make you laugh as well, oh well I?€™m such a kid or a psycho or whatever you want to choose.

My novel is sitting right next to me, brings me memories of the day I received my books, I?€™m such a book whore, I fall in love with the feel of books and how they look like, how soft the pages are, as well as many others. Okay wait she wants to talk now, ,Swair that is. Okay she?€™s done talking. My Uncle msged me stating that he got me my favorite perfume which happens to be at the moment ?€?Gucci II?€?? and that in order for me to take it I have to record the following shows: 3adel Al Roo7, Remote Control, Sarah, Aseela, and Bo Sali7. That?€™s all, I was like ?€?Bs?€?? then he?€™s like ?€?okay two bottles of perfume?€??, so apparently I am easily bought. Too bad, I didn?€™t ask for a new mobile phone or something of the sort, apparently he is away in Dubai or something. But oh well.?? Back to talking about nothing in particular.

I love my ipod nano, it?€™s so sexeh and so tineh, and so yummeh! I want to watch Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo! and I need to watch The 40 Year Old Virgin, and Pride and Prejudice, as well as many others. Okay this post is becoming too long for even me to read. I can never read what I write, once it?€™s written that?€™s the only time I look at it. ??
So let me now focus on reading my novel, wasting a bit more time so that I don?€™t have to go home early. Arreverderci!

P.S. Oh yeah! I still want my banana split, and no perverted thoughts thank you! :r

P.P.S Swair, I?€™m not a bitch, believe me, I am not. So let me go on and read my novel entitled ?€?Mastaaaa of Temptation!?€?? Tempted to touch, tempted to touch, blah blah blah. The song my our beloved Kevin Little. Staring upwards helps alot in bringing back forgotten knowledge. Oh well! That?€™s enough for me for now forever. Not really forever. Shutup Jackie just Shutup!

P.P.P.S I hate illiterate idiotic people.

Update: I didn’t read anything instead I was kicked out of the library as I was deciding to leave with Swair, since the library chooses to close at 3pm weird huh?

The library, we sit all the way down there.

My PowPow, with Swair’s Peace sign.

Swair sitting next to me, shielding her face from the lens.

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  1. poor kid, what did you do to her? and how come I am not mentioned in this post!

  2. Purg, I photoshopped her :P And you are not mentioned for censorship reasons :P LOL Kidding I don’t know why I didn’t mention you :/

  3. So this is what you do to people when you don’t get your banana-split?

    Yomma minnich :P

  4. Someone get this girl her banana split!

    lo sema7tay i wasn’t sheilding my face from ur lens, i was “studying” and “concentrating” on the research i have due tommorow!!! :p

  6. Shosho, Yes yes that is what I do to those who don’t give me banana splits.

    McArabian, Thank you sister! Someone listen to this wise creature!

    Swair, YEAH! RIGHT! Studying my tush!

  7. I know those fingers!

  8. lol, Purg, it says whose fnigers they are right there! mine! :p

    and Jackie: *kicks ur tush really hard*

  9. FNIGERS! hehehehehee


  10. (sings loudly) before the end of the niiiight, i want to hold you so tiiiight, you know I want you so muuuuch, and i’m so tempted to toooouch. Such a catchy beat on that song.

    So what’s the deal with you not being able to do be free and go out as you please? Is that a your parents thing, or majority of kuwaiti (i think you’re kuwaiti, if not, pay that part no mind) girls thing? Like, is there a reason behind it?

  11. Oh yeah, pretty ring on the hand making the guest appearance.

    Good luck getting the banana split! Take a picture when you get one. I haven’t had the pleasure of eating one in over a year :(

  12. Purg, Stop picking on those fingers.

    Swair, you wish to kick my tush :P

    William, you’ve got a wonderful voice. And yes if you read the little about author thingy it would mention that I am a Kuwaiti Girl :P but the whole not being able to go out whenever I want is technically a parents thing, although there are some who don’t know where their kids actually are. I have some strict ones, even though I am turning 22 I am still not supposed to be going out alone :r Oh well. As for the finger that belongs to Swair :P And I will post a picture of the Banana Split, I haven’t had one in more than a year :/

  13. So just go with Swair to get a banana split. You technically wouldn’t be alone. And thanks. My voice IS great. I should win a grammy.

  14. William, yes I believe so :P But oh well let’s wait until Ramadan finishes and I will indulge myself with numerous splits :P

  15. So Swair you give birdies with STYLE eh? I’m sure the next person you give the finger will admire your ring.
    Jackie are you a member of the ultra-secret B.S.O? (Banana Split Organization)

  16. swair’s m7ajibaaa!!

    i’ve always pictured her with short hair n kinda chubby :/


  17. Mini R, Not really, I don’t even know what they are about :P

    Blasha, yes she is Met7ajba :r But I am not :D

  18. Blasha: 7araam 3alaiiiiich!!! i’m neither chubby nor have short hair :(

    ME chubby?!?! *cries*

  19. Met7ajba is…. what? fat, skinny, ugly, nice, tall, short?

    And what is 3alaich. I see that alot in posts.

  20. William, Met7ajba= Cover Headed or whatever that would be :P Hehehe Whereas, 3alaich means on you (for a girl), 3alaik would be the same but for a guy.

    Swair, yes you are bowahahahahaha :P

  21. Awww, poor Swair. I’m sure you look fine, even with the head covering :)

  22. Darn…so that busts the myth that Swair used to have this head-to-toe viel like the afghani women…for a sec there i thought she was one of them refugees! ;p
    and besides..chubby is good.

  23. i’m sowwie swair… i have no idea why i thought of u like that :/

    i thought jackie’s skinny :/