Stress, Divorce, and Others

November 3, 2005  |  Uncategorized

So technically, I have divorced Duckie a while ago. Actually Duckie didn’t last that long here. He couldn’t follow my rules of posting and stuff, in the end I was the one who posted quite often or actually all the time and he remained behind the scenes just smoking weed and getting high really. Yea so that’s item #1 over and done with. Watch out for the changes to remove every trace of Duckie from here except from the url of this blog. I still love ducks and believe I was a duck in a past life but no more Duckie here. Let’s just imagine that he was sent to the Guillotine by Purgatory for his misbehavior during P4’s days.

Anyways, I’m stressed because of this template and the modifications I was working on. I have changed the header, and with William’s help I have modified the width, hopefully this is a better width for it right? Any problems feel free to write them down in the comments. But so far so good. I shortened my Camp List since most of the others don’t post that often, technically the only person who posts so often is Mark. His posts are like 5 per day sometimes even more. Anyways getting demoted to being on my Enjoyment list is not a bad thing. Write often and you’ll go back up there :r

Oh yeah, Happy Eid or Eid Mubarak to those of you who will celebrate tomorrow, and to those who are celebrating on Friday Eid Mubarak on Friday.

Little sis is being so annoying that she pissed me off, therefore I was so mad that I had to just yell at her. She starts whining about wanting to see herself in the iSight camera, so I open the iMac and iMovie for her then she whines that she can’t hear herself and so I play what I recorded for her. Then she whines some more and I yell at her. She gets up and opens the piano keyboard and puts on one of those automatic song thingies, and leaves it and walks around I yell at her to turn it down or turn it off.. She turns it down a tiny bit, I yell some more. Urgh! Then I get up and unplug the whole thing. This is just the bad nerves talking here though.

I am trying to make something cool but I don’t know what’s a good flash program, which works for Mac or Windows. Oh well.

Tomorrow is going to be a very different day, different atmosphere. I always feel that whenever I wake up no matter how early it is during Ramadan the sky outside is kind of darky. Whereas when it’s Eid or normal days the sky becomes so bright and you feel more alive. But maybe that’s just me being weird.

I found out the reason why I am so cranky at the moment. It’s time for me to sleep since I had only 4 hours of sleep last night. But oh well. I guess I should head on to my sweet little naughty bed. Where I dream naughty and nice dreams.

Anywhoo, I love you all. But I hate you Don :P Adieu.

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  1. Why Duckie’s out? you love ducks :P and 7aram 5alay ur sister have fun a bit with u :P heheh I know u don’t like el 7anna :P 3edech imbarak oo 3asach min 3awada oo ta8abal allah 6a3tech Jax :)

  2. 1 – 3eedkom umbarak! :)
    2 – posting rules? RULES? It’s a blog, there are no rules! @_@
    3 – Try Macromedia Flash MX

  3. Ferrari, Well I just feel he had to go. He’ll be back sooner or later but I would rather it be later for now :r And poor sis now she’s making me feel bad for her. Got one hell of a spanking last night from witch mother. And Thanks Happy Eid to You :P

    3baid, Thank you Thank you :D And Yes There are some rules I like to follow :r I am not sure what but there are some. And I’ll try to find Macromedia :r Thanks alot for the heads up.

    William, Urgh now I have to learn flash, Learning just never ends right?:/ And you would’ve been on the list sooner but ummm me being lazy left the blogroll to rot a bit and then decided to throw out the bad apples :P And I got some. Sleep that is :P Hahahahaha.

  4. I second 3baid on Macromedia Flash MX. Can probably pick up the Mac version in Hawalli or something. There are some other more hold your hand programs like swish, but I don’t know if it’s available for Mac.

    Yay, I got a promotion, from not on your list, to your camped list. Makes me feel all warm inside, or it’s just the sun coming through the window that I forgot to close the blind on.

    Get some sleep and smile. Happy Eid schoolgirl.

  5. site still loads slow for me

  6. Divorce?! :'(

    And kol sana wenti tayeba hun! :D Yay it’s 3eid, the money’re going to roll in ;)

  7. yup macromedia flash mx.
    might take about an hour to get to grips with it, but it is the best, and its what i used way back when i was being ‘creative'(“cough” bull”cough”)
    there ought to be a torrent for it somewhere and its rather small file.

  8. Happy Eid everyone, may you spend it having as much fun as possible.

  9. have to use firefox to access your site, and font is small :P

  10. Purgatory, it’s your IE’s fault. I told you use Firefox but you dont! And as for the small text well you can always press ctrl and + to get larger font.

    Sou, Yes divorce :P He has been sent to the guillotine by shosho. And Thanks same to you :P

    Skunk, Thank you for your suggestion, figured out a different way :P But I’m not telling.

    Fractal00, Thanks and same to you :P

  11. How in the hell did you respond to my comment (according to the page) BEFORE I posted it. That’s just weird schoolgirl…that’s just weird.