Hotel Tease

November 11, 2005  |  Creative

They had agreed to meet at the hotel earlier that morning, so as she walked into the lobby she started looking around, glancing to her left and right until she saw him. He was seated on one of the sofa chair’s that made up the seating area of the lobby. His posture and facial expression gave an image of a man who was at ease with this world, a man who had no troubles at all. She sighed to herself as she saw him lift his eyes from the newspaper he was reading to pass time.

A swift nod was all the communication they needed, it seemed to speak to her more than words ever could, he had told her earlier that he would see to all the details upon her arrival and would be sitting there waiting to lead her upstairs to the rooms he had acquired for their day’s activity. Walking in front of him, she headed towards the elevators and was so excited when she entered an empty elevator with him tailing closely behind her. She appeared to the rest of the world as such an innocent and demure little creature that no one could suspect the naughtiness that ran through her blood. The second the elevator doors closed she felt his hands grab her by the waist and pull her closer to his body as his lips descended roughly onto hers, devouring the taste of her in a fervent manner. Knowing that only mere minutes separated them from their pre-arranged little tryst, and knowing that any second now they would be arriving at their designated floor they separated panting quietly as their hearts started the race, the race that would soon leave their energy all spent and that would satiate their appetites for the time being.

The elevator doors started to open, they started to leave it and head down the hallway to their room, or rather his room since it was in his name. Both of their minds were racing with thoughts of what the other might do once they were behind closed doors, what sort of pleasure will be sought tonight and as they neared their room it seemed as if time was slowing down.

There it is, she thought, Room 517. It’s odd how he has secured this room, especially noting the significance of the number itself. He reached around her and slid the room card in its slot and waited for the green light to appear. There it was, moving his hand slightly to rest on her waist he led her inside gently by pushing her in using his body. “He was already hard” she thought, feeling his body through the barriers of their clothes, and I am ready for him, ready to take all the pleasure I can from his body to satisfy my needs and fulfill his needs.

Closing the door with a swift movement from his foot, he didn’t have to let go of her. She turned around in his arms and found herself staring in the bluest eyes she has ever seen, moving her hands slowly to slide them through his dark hair she whispered lightly against his lips, “Well, Hello there Damien, did you miss me?” Covering her lips softly and lightly, moving his lips on top of hers, shaping and tasting them, he lifted them slightly before answering “What do you think, my naughty little nymph?”

=======To be continued…=======

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  1. *jaw open*

    But what happens then?!?!?!? I’m still trying to figure out if this is something out of a novel, your imagination, a dream, or real life occurence of some lucky person. I do have blue eyes, but not dark hair. Damn, guess I’m not in that story :)

  2. William, Hehehe it’s a creative story. I had the urge to write one and there you have it :P Well not complete since I do so love to tease hehe :P

  3. Oooh… that was awesome!
    Go on! Go on!

  4. I was both scandalized and excited – now I’m just waiting for part two ;)

  5. Dishevelled, Hehehehe I will inshalla :D

    McArabian, Why scandalized? I understand excited by why scandalized? :P

  6. Scandalized because I wasn’t expecting it :) Don’t worry, it was a compliment :)

  7. You should really stop reading those books! LOL! Just kidding..

    But you know what, write a book, and i’ll be the first person to buy it ;)


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