Hotel Paradise

November 24, 2005  |  Creative

Continuation of “Hotel Tease

She awakened slowly from her deep slumber finding her head lying on her husband’s naked chest she smiled to herself. “What a day it had been, truly no one can feel so much happiness and satisfaction in one night, or can they?” Jenna thought to herself. Things had become quiet back at home, since she and Damien spent most of their time working and were exhausted the whole time, but they finally decided on taking a nice short break, play hokey for a day where they might relive bits of their early marriage days. It was her idea, organizing this tryst of theirs, at the hotel. She had wanted to feel naughty and sexy at the same time, feel that they might be doing something wrong, and that someone might catch them at it. Although they were married, the thrill of being caught adds to the pleasure of joining together as one.

Jenna replayed the moment she found herself alone with her husband in the hotel room, which he had rented. Upon closing the door and locking it, she inched backwards slowly unbuttoning her business jacket suit, and tossing it onto the chair adjacent to the bed. She then reached for the buttons on her blouse and started slowly unbuttoning each and every one of them with agonizing slowness, never shifting her gaze from his eyes. After all these years together, Jenna could read Damien like an open book, and judging by the way his eyes seemed to darken with the pent up passion, she felt that she was in trouble tonight. A good kind of trouble, where she might end up dying from the pleasure she was about to experience. Stripping away her civilized clothes, she started to unveil the savage, passionate side to him, the side he loved the most, the side he was trying to get close to now by covering the space separating them with two long strides before hauling her into his arms and crushing her into an embrace that spoke more eloquently than any word in any of the world languages.

She stood there in his arms, palms pressed up on his chest, feeling his heartbeats and gazing into his eyes, wearing only the sexy lingerie he had placed on the bed earlier that morning with a note saying: “Baby, I’m looking forward to peeling these off of you tonight with my teeth.” He lowered his lips to hers and slowly rubbed them back and forth tasting them softly and slowly before passionately kissing her and making the room spin in her mind. “Oh God, he tastes so wonderful,” she thought, while opening her mouth to allow his tongue to wander inside. How she missed his kisses and passionate lovemaking, it’s a wonder how they went from making love every night in their early marriage days to making love twice a week.

Moving the palms of her hands upwards to circle the nape of his neck and to bury her fingers deep into his hair, she clung to him, as her mind tried to cling to a sense of reality. His kisses became more ardent in their nature, his hands started to roam around her body, touching, squeezing and doing everything possible to explore her once more, as if he had just met her for the first time. He knew her body like the back of his hand, but at this moment the knowledge seemed so far from his grasp. “Ohhhh, Damien,” Jenna moaned, “I’ve been thinking of you all day, been thinking of this exact moment.” He worked his lips down her throat kissing the way to the softness of her breasts. She started to rub her body closer to his, tried to get as close as she could, if she could enter his skin she would’ve.

“Ssshh baby, let me devour what I have missed these past few months, try to enjoy what I’m doing to you,” Damien said. “How can I not enjoy this,” she spoke in broken words feeling breathless when his kisses started moving closer to her already perked up nipples, “I feel as though I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life, as though the past few months were years since I’ve been with you like this, my love.” With one hand of his moving to grope her full round bottom, while the other bared the ripe full breast, which his lips slowly began to devour. Leaning back her head, she gave up all the strings of remaining in this world, and surrendered to merely feeling the pleasures she was receiving from his experienced lips.

She sighed into the darkness, remembering those thoughts were starting to make her feel excited again.

[To be continued…]

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  1. Heheh Jackie now I know you have many things under your sleeves :P
    I loved the part of him peeling her lingerie off with his teeth :)

  2. Jewaira, you make me blush really hehehe, and coming from a good writer as yourself I take this compliment seriously hehe :P

  3. And then??????

    Damn girl, you can write. Puts a mental image in your head, and then when the writing is finished, the action stops, and the picture freezes. Really good though, I like it, I like it!

    Bad schoolgirl. You got an active imagination, you know that ;)

  4. Is it normal to be speechless?

    Coz that’s what i feel right now!

    Mashalla JaCkie! Girl you can write! Did i mention you could write?! ;)

  5. William, The “And Then..” part will come later ;p Anticipation is the best experience in the world I guess ;p And I’m glad you like it :P Hehehehe Yay! And I know that I’m bad but I’m innocent as well ;p

    Sou, yes it’s normal I think :P Hehehe Yes I believe you mentioned I can write ;P Thanks :P

  6. Whoah! Whoah! Whoaaaaah! Where’d all this come from? This was totally unexpected! I’m all for it, though! Julie Garwood aint got nothing on you ;) You got mad skillz, yo! I kinda cringed at the use of the word nipple, though… shocker? I know! I get embarrassed seeing it in writing. Blame it on Kuwait :P All in all, good stuff. Yalla get your butt to work on part 2. No procrastinating on this little project, y’hear? Take care babe, laters!

  7. Hey Jackie,

    Great blog! I love your design.


  8. Jackie.. I second Jewaira with Lingerie peeling.. you outdid your self girl.. lots of steam in here.. :)

  9. Drunk and Gorgeous, well the reason I posted a warning in the excerpt which appeared in Safat was the use of that word hehehe but we are all grown ups aren’t we? :P And thanks for your lovely words, it’s nice to be encouraged to write stuff even if they are sappy love scenes :P

    Andrew, Thanks and Welcome to my blog.

    The Don, I’m glad you liked it alot :D Not sure though when I should post the follow up :P

  10. and I’M the one with pent up sexual desires? uh huh.. yea right..

  11. Both yall are pent up and nuts I think Swair. Crazy women.

  12. Swair, It’s a story so there is no problem there :P And Well it’s creative, you should try writing sometime :P I know you also have a talent dimwit ;*

    William, But we are Crazy hot women :P

  13. Well I bet Swair has a pretty smile. Just a totally random thought there. By the way, when you putting up the pictures of you in that outfit :)

  14. Oh my – is it hot in here or is it just me?
    Nice work ;)

  15. William, yea she does LOL and which outfit? :P Didn’t you hear the costume party was canceled :(

    McArabian, No it is :p It’s hot in here and so is you ;p

  16. Nah I didn’t hear that schoolgirl. And I meant the schoolgirl costume :)