The Coffee High

December 3, 2005  |  Uncategorized

So Kuwait is filled with Coffee addicts right? Well I guess I didn’t have to type that out since it’s the truth. Here I am sitting at the Coffee Bean, I actually had to be here to do something using the internet and it was the closest place with a connection, the minute I walked in there were a few people here. But 5 minutes later the place filled up and there are lots of people talking around me and all. Weird ain’t it?

So I’m passing my time since I have to go meet a friend in a while, and then go get a haircut :P An early celebration basically hehehe I plan on going a bit shorter but not entirely. Papa is leaving tomorrow, and so I will be woken up dreadfully early on my special day, to drop Papa off at the airport and then I would go to university early. I can’t believe that the course has finished so quickly really. Got to finish working on Papers (a.k.a. Start working and write something actually) I love you all! Really I do.

New item for wishlist: Need For Speed: Most Wanted – PSP Edition. Apparently its really hot! Ugh today I get my Internet Visa therefore I would be able to order stuff endlessly I guess. I just hope that my wallet will survive the Shopping binge experience It’ll be put upon!

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  1. M is addicted to ‘C.B. & T.L.’

    We walked all the way from Marina to the Fanar area so that she could show me how amazing and lovely the drinks are. Conclusion: I can’t feel my legs anymore. And no it wasn’t from the walking, oh no! It was from 3 hrs of standing. THREE HOURS! *faints*

    And i wonder what’s happening tomorrow! It’s only the 4th! So why is it your special day? *thinks* Nope, i still can’t find a reason. It’s not graduation day, not an engagement party, definately not a wedding. I can’t think of a reason to why tomorrow is ur special day!

    (You have all my blessing to throw any quantity of shoes at me; just make sure they’re size 39 so i could keep’em :p) LOL!

  2. And the three hours of standing weren’t at CB and TL! LOL! I went to the Easpak event again yesterday! It was gr8 “tafech” (yay! look at me, i can “at7atcha Kuwaiti!” HEHEHE)

    OMG!! WHAT THE HELL’S WRONG WITH ME! I’m on a blabbering spree!! :o Save me now before i say something extremely stupid!!! Oh wait, too late for that *sigh*

  3. Sou, I see you commented twice :P Wow what a privelege! Hehehe And well I understand the pain legs, imagine doing that in high heels ;r those like stick stilletos! And ummm I am not sure I guess tomorrow is the day that my hamster turns one? :P I don’t have a hamster though, and ummmm I don’t like coffee, I go for the breakfast and orange juice :D Hehehe I couldn’t save you if I was a Saint even :P which I am not ;P

    Nonaw, YAY! I love you :P

  4. I didn’t see a big difference between Underground and Most Wanted :/

  5. I’m not sure if there is one 3baid ;r But oh well ;P It would still be nice to have it ;p

  6. I just download psp games .. spending 40$ to play something for a couple hours doesnt really add up in my head.

  7. I so do not like coffee. Some of their drinks (non coffee.. they have some!) are good though :)

    @Sou: I was at the event too. Met a friend who invited me there and met another friend there. Funny, I think I was in the company of an Egyptian girl (well, know I was) and what I would think were 3 of her egyptian girl type friends. If one was you, yall are hot :)

    @Back at Jackie: I’m tempted to just wait until after your birthday so I don’t get you something you already have, lol. Now, just to find a cake big enough to fit myself into…. *oh no! don’t fill it with ice cream*

  8. Everyone keeps complaining about the crowds in all the coffeeshops in Kuwait. Is there anywhere in Kuwait you can get a good latte without running into the ‘see-you-see-me’ crowd?

  9. ToooMoooroooooWw is The BIG DaaaaaaaaY WooooooHooooooooooooooooooo *Cheers* *clap* YaaaaY, Happy B-B-Bbbb-Day again JackiiieeeeoooYaaa ;D

  10. I think it depends on the area McArabian. Some aren’t that packed. Depends on time of day too.

  11. K The Kuwaiti, Well I can’t because I updated the firmware on my PSP and I find that I don’t want to jeapordize it ;p Hehehe

    William, I know I don’t like coffee either, I said that above that I go for the OJuice :P And LOL wise strategy as for the Cake make sure it’s all CHOCOLATE! MMMMM :R yUM!

    McArabian, I know it’s really tough, actually early mornings at like 9ish its great to going to Coffee Bean since it’s quite usually..

    Nonaw, YAY! Go Showty It’s my Birthday We goin party Like its my Birthday :P

    William, I agree.

  12. A day without coffee is like a day without sunshine…to modify an old saying. But I gotta tell ya: we Canadians like Tim Hortons coffee which is the best coffee in the whole wide world. And until I can get it in Dubai, I’ll be missing home forever! Jackie, my friend, when you visit Canada, you gotta try it….along with the skiing which you can now practice in Dubai! How about we take you skiing for your b’day?

  13. Sandman, Thanks alot I guess to me orange juice and fresh fruit juice is my coffee high :P And ummm Sking? :P that would be nice but I don’t know how to!