Birthday Celebration Pt.1

December 4, 2005  |  My Life

Truly, it’s been a great day today so far and it keeps getting better! I guess this would be my BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! I can’t remember another one I felt this great in it!

Last night at midnight, I didn’t get any SMS’s or phone calls, even from boo (which I got angry at him for), it led me to feel a bit neglected, Papa didn’t even say anything at midnight but I guess since he was busy packing to travel he must’ve forgot or something. After 15-20 minutes of Boo begging me to forgive him for not calling and wishing me a Happy Birthday I gave in, of course after he admitted what I mean to him and all that. Anyways so I slept with only a few MSN Birthday wishes and only Sou’s SMS wish.

So I woke up on the sound of my Mother wishing me a Happy Birthday and asking me to wake up at 5:30! To take my sisters to school while she takes Dad to the airport. Anyways, I started to tell her its too early to wake me up but she left leaving the light on so I got up and turned it off and went back to bed for the remaining 30 minutes since I slept around 3AM or something. Later on both of my sisters came in wishing me Happy Birthday and asking me to wake up, I did then and got dressed and prettied up then went downstairs. I saw Daddy getting ready to leave and so I went to him to give him a big hug and kiss and he wished me Happy Birthday as well ;P Hehehe… Technically Father Dearest got me the Powerbook as an early birthday present and younger sister got me the iPod Nano as an early gift. Second sister who is in the states was one of those who wished me a happy birthday the night before and is getting me some sexy clothes from Victoria’s Secrets which are awesome, a Jeans, Sweater and Top!

After dropping my sisters, I went back home since I thought I forgot my watch but I also had like an hour to waste really before I usually go out, but I left home at 7:45 after checking my MSN and finding more wishes from friends which brightened my day. I put on my contacts, and then headed out to university quite early really sending my friends into a frenzy. Technically I arrived too early that I glimpsed the balloons that were in the back seat of one of my friend’s cars, and the friend carrying cupcakes LOL! They came up with a plan to steer me away so that they can unload their stuff, by sending me to the Faculty building lol saying that they were there LOL!

I went and they weren’t there but eventually two friends came after Nuttie harrassed me on the phone. Those two were Dorie and Kalakaboki, we sat on the steps and just talked basically. They wished me of course happy wishes but that was all and I was like ummm anticipating when they would surprise me. I went to class which ended early so I headed to the cafeteria where I ordered breakfast and my friend Princess and Deer joined to distract me basically, then came Fantasia and Nuttie and eventually Kalakaboki but then I had to leave for my second class.

Zorath gave me a call wishing me best wishes and stating that his undying love and affection is his gift to me :P Wish I hold close to my heart now since it’s "priceless" LOL. Anywhoo before class finished I got a message from Swair stating that the girls are at Apple Bees and that I should go to the Cafeteria to take her and go meet the girls, after I finish class Princess calls to confirm that. It was kind of weird since we were talking about how we won’t go out anymore and that we are literally broke. I call her after class and tell Swair to meet me outside so that we go immediately. I actually thought that they would celebrate it there. LOL Dummy me! She tells me no come to the Cafeteria to help me carry my stuff and all and I reluctantly agree.

I head to the cafeteria and see her standing waving to me, signaling her laptop or something like that and I’m like uh what’s wrong with her ehhehe.. I get up the steps that led to an area behind Starbucks and Baskin Robbins and am suprised when Swair puts on my head a pair of Devilish Horns and ties a cape around me that has "Jackie" stitched on it :P Further down there were a few tables put together with decorations, the theme was "Devils" since I am "Satan’s Mistress" that’s Nuttie’s Mistress. According to Dorie, from all the way across the room I appeared to be embarrassed, surprised and excited but blushing at the same time. Hehe but it was pleasant, I saw Dorie, Fantasia, Princess, Swair and Nuttie all with horns on their heads oh yeah and Kalakaboki! With a table full of Pizza, Pasteries, Cupcakes (made by Kalakaboki) that spelled out "Jacqui Le Diable Sexy" and a large cake that was half chocolate and half fruitie with "Satan’s Mistress" on it. Hehehe With candles! It was awesome really I never would’ve suspected all of that oh yeah and the balloons OMG! They were all fun!

Anyways I get there, sit, and immediately they start singing and all, I blow out the candles as Dorie says to make a wish.. I tell her I don’t need to.. My wish is already true, I’ve got you guys! Which is so totally true! I couldn’t have wished for better friends. They are my soul mates or partners in crime technically. I know that some might be reading it hehehe so yes YOU ARE MY CRIMINAL PARTNERS! :P Blown out candle, eating some cake we talk basically since we were all hungry and all that.

Afterwards Swair heads to give me each person’s gift while they watch me opening them. I guess a list of the gifts would do me good.. I know that the post is growing longer and longer but I can’t help it hehehe so yeah.. I don’t know who I opened first but here goes:

Dorie: 2 Sexy Candle Sets, A Devil Teddy Bear, and a Devil Toy sitting guy something which is awesome really.

Swair: Sexy Aldo High Heels which aren’t that high, A nice necklace that matches, and a book that’s cool.

Nuttie: A historical romance off my Wish List basically, and a book by Happy Bunny called "It’s a Life. Get one!" (WHICH I ADORE!)

Fantasia: A historical romance from my wishlist, and a poodle bear thingy that has "Spoiled" written on it! YAY! I am spoiled.

Princess: (She spoiled me greatly really!) A Frame, A SEXY WATCH, and RUBBER DUCKIES! 3 Rubber duckies ranging in sizes, I think she regretted that since I spent most of the time squeezing them LOL!

Lily: Historical Romance

Kalakaboki: Candle holder and a sexy frame.

And then Kalakaboki, Princess, Nuttie, Lily, Deer, and L collaborated and got me an Amazon Gift Certificate!

IMAGINE ALL THOSE GIFTS! Truly Truly I was umm I dunno how to say it really surprised, shocked, had the greatest time of my life. Although there were ninja’s staring but oh well. At least I had alot of fun. I sat on Nuttie’s lap, I spanked Swair, I spanked Lilly and Kalakaboki. I also put the star bow thingys that Princess used to wrap the gifts on my ummmmm "twins" and went bonkers really. It got really hot at one point since I was laughing too much and too excited and all.

Kalakaboki breathed in some helium from the balloons and said the Austin Power’s trademark phrase in a chipmunky voice which kept on cracking us up LOL "Do I make you hooooo’rny Baaayybyyyyyy! Do I?"

In one short phrase I can say: IT WAS FUN! And I LOVE MY FRIENDS!

P.S. Mother shocked me with her gift, I mean totally shocked me.

P.P.S I guess I should leave a second post for some pictures. But Until then Adieu my dearies!

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  1. how come am not mentioned in this post! how come I am never invited? How come!

  2. LOL! Now thats a party!! and a satan mistress? LOL!! Niiiiiice,
    what do you mean by “Ninja’s staring”, didnt get it? …
    A Amazon Certificate Card?! Now Thats CooL :P Now you can spend it on Books :P …
    and yeah yeah, whats your mom’s gift?

    and Post some pictures, will ya?
    Happy Birthday again ;D

  3. Happy Birthday JAcko shago :), great party it seems im glad you enjoyed every sec. of it …now i can’t wait to see the pic’s :* many many more girl many many more.

  4. Purgatory, Because ummmm you didn’t take part of the celebrations :P And Ummm are you a girl? Can you enter a girls-only cafeteria? :/ If so then I guess I was mistaken, then again I didn’t know that there was going to be a “party”

    Nonaw, I know it’s awesome isn’t it? And I am Satan’s Mistress that’s Nuttie’s Mistress LOL! or as my friends phrased it in the card “Satan’s Bitch” LOL!

    As for ninja staring, it’s freaks who don’t have fun wearing ninja clothing staring holes into our backs and our fronts for our unexhibited manner of fun :r I am planning on spending the gift certificate on books YAY!

    Mom’s gift was an abundance in cash LOL! Pictures are up now ;p And Thanks again.

    Judy Abbot, Thank Judy hehehe my little cousin heehhehe since that’s what my little cousin is called, hehe I hope the rest will be as fun as this.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAX, 3o2baL 10 time 10 to the power 10 all to the power 10 years inshala :D

  6. You lost me at your friends nick names ..

  7. wahahahaha.. i know u love me :p

    and u didn’t mention that i stichted the cape that doubles as a bib! and u didn’t take a pic of it! :p

  8. Blasha, Thanks babes

    K the Kuwaiti, lol yeah they have weird names LOL or nicknames for that matter ;r

    Swair, I forgot so sue me :/