Birthday Celebration Pt.2

December 5, 2005  |  My Life

Technically no words would be needed here since it’s a post with pictures. I didn’t take the pictures since I was the birthday girl but I took a few of the cakes and my gifts really hehe :P


The cupcakes that spelled out "Jacqui Le Diable Sexy!"

The cake with "Satan’s Mistress" and the number "22"!

The gifts all together with the huge card revolving the "Nuts" and that I am a "Nutty" person that has to open it and all that :P

One side of the gifts, that included the 3 novels, 2 Frames, Candle Holder thingy, 2 Books, Swair’s sexy Heel gift, a Necklace and part of Devil Bear showing

Second side of the gifts, with Sexy Watch, Another small book, Devil Bear, Duckies!, Candle Sets, Devil thingy, and 2 other birthday cards! Thin card was from Amazon Gift Girls, and Fat card from Swair ;P

Top view of all gifts basically, Thank you all my dearest bitches! Really hehehe I love you!

And love the upcoming gifts that will be received separately, hehehe yay my dinner has arrived! Enjoy the pictures and well right click "View Picture" to see original size, didn’t feel like making them links LOL!

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  1. Satan’s mistress, lol. Definately you! Great presents. Glad you enjoyed your birthday. You will get my presents when they get here :)

  2. William, I know, they captured the essence of me in the cakes and presents! Hehehe I’m glad too! and YAY! More Presents!

  3. Happy Birthday Jackie!

    (sorry I was late) :)

  4. Thanks Q8Sultana and Misguided :)

  5. Happy birthday sweetheart :*

  6. Good to see another Sage in the house ;)

  7. Did you save me some of the cup cakes? ;)

  8. Thanks all really thanks, and Sou nop no cupcakes for you :/

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! o kil 3am wintay ib alf kheir :D

    offtopic: do u mind if i get a quote from you for a paper??
    heres the question: whats the greatest thing about having a blog under your own domain address??

  10. Happy Birthday sweets! 3o2bal miyat sana! May you have many more to come :) Sorry I was late :P

  11. See, it’s stuff like not keeping cupcakes for me that makes you an evil cow! hehe..:p

  12. Happy belated birthday ;P

  13. the cupcakes lookhot—i am feeling the choc. diablo swirls

  14. Snookie, Thanks very much and I hope the email got to you :P Well I know it did ;p

    D’n’G: Thanks thanks honey :p I hope yours will be great too!

    Sou, Well my little sister ate them all, so how can I be the cow? :/

    Dishevelled, Thanks honey :D

    Kristin, they were awesome really!