Lovely Day?

December 7, 2005  |  My Life

Lovely day isn’t it? I believe it is, the weather is so different and nice, I just hate when the sun comes out since it kind of heats up the cold spaces and I don’t want to be heated up!

Okay so my mobile phone is going crazy I have to update the firmware soon, but it’s fun really seeing how it goes nuts every once in a while. So I find that this is the first post after I turned 22, odd how I seem calm today aren’t I? Not my usual ecstatic self? But I am still my procrastinate self, since I am procrastinating a lot of things, the first and most important the class that I have to leave to attend to in a bit, but does Jackie get up? Nope, I’m still sitting at the Coffee Bean and sipping the rest of my Orange Juice.

I had a weird dream, involving “Sou” where I was showing her my new haircut, and she adored it and was like I want to cut my hair like that, what’s it called? And that’s all I really remember from my dream really.

I love pink today, for some strange reason well not really strange I wanted to wear the heels that Swair got me for my birthday to feel all important and business like and all that. So I’m wearing pink heels, pink shirt, pink watch, and a pink necklace. Defininetly not in that order, wait lemme check anything under those pink, (me checking) nope, nothing else pink :P

This will be where I take a break really since I think I have to go leave now, I’ll be back to post more, but let me leave you with a picture of something :P

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  1. wow, i’m the first one to comment…

    anyways: looks at shoes: SEXAAYY!! :p


    So what was i wearing?! Please tell me i had clothes on! LOOOOL!!