Shopping Addiction

December 9, 2005  |  Uncategorized

Whoever said that shopping makes you feel better or is the thing to do when feeling depressed was right, especially buying a new pair of shoes. I know I am submitting myself to the cliche or simply surrendering to consumerism, but I seriously have no other way to cheer myself up, as I mentioned yesterday it took me thousands of things and I still haven’t cheered up. So what did I do?

I went out this morning, woke up quite early since I have fixed my sleep for a while now hehe, it’s like this, I no longer sleep in the afternoon and I only sleep at midnight, so I woke up this morning at 8;30 got ready and left home by 9 with mother. We went to Jareer Bookstore where I found Need for Speed: Most Wanted and purchased two copies, unfortunately it’s the european version so I can’t technically upload the game saves or cheats on it, and I actually have to work hard to win and unlock the stuff LOL! Imagine that. Anyways I bought a few things from there as well, and then left an hour later.

Next we headed to Muhallab Complex, since that was my main aim, I wanted the boots that I saw before, and guess what it turned out to be my lucky day! Back when I tried the boots on, and saw that they cost 29kd I was kind of broke LOL! I was deciding whether I wanted to feed myself and have gas money or buy new shoes so I left them and today when I went they were on Sale and cost 16KD! So yeah, got those boots, mom got herself home dresses (I guess that’s what you would call a “Dara3a”) and while browsing in the store, they sold some cute lingerie and stuff, well apparently the Naughty Sexy Halloween Costumes that are available on sites such as and others are here in Kuwait, so far I’ve seen them in 3 shops in Muhallab, seen also a “Kama Sutra Massage Therapy” Set and other stuff, so apparently we have sexy stuff here :P Among the things I saw were an Arabian Belly Dancer outfit, Spanish Dancer outfit as well, Stuff with Peep-holes, and so forth ;P But let’s change the subject shall we?

So, shopping online is very addictive, I’ve been looking through many websites so forth and ugh, when it comes time to pay up I chicken out saying nah I’ll just wait and see, and who knows. My aunt took up my recommendation to opening herself an Aramex Shop and Ship mailbox and has become an Online Shopping Addict, Weekly she receives packages and stuff, LOL!

Anyways, today I’m in a much better mood, good enough to want to spend money on friends, well not everyone ;P Just my baby Swair, of course she’ll get spoiled on Saturday, but oh well! Hopefully tomorrow will work on some stuff.

I’m too sexeh for my boots, too sexeh for my boots!

P.S. I am now using Tiger Admin Dashboard thingy, and it’s awesome, looks so sexeh!

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    im tottaly an shopping addict, Online or On”shari3″…
    Do they sell PSP games in Jareer? that one in 7awalli ?

    Thank god your in a good mode, inshalla always :D

  2. true… shopping always makes me feel better.. cliche but true… BUT what if ur feeling down coz ur broke? what can u cheer u up then?

  3. shopping shopping shopping, LOVE IT!

  4. Lucky! I woke up at 11:30am today like a typical bum :P I love it when by some stroke of luck I wake up before 10am, I feel like I have all this spare time all of a sudden, but end up wasting it doing nothing productive anyway.. Need For Speed: Most Wanted is sweeeeeeet! Was playing it at my friends the other day and spent 20min just cruising in his Porsche, then decided to go all crazy and had those cops chasing me all over the golf course! Mabrok on the shoes :) & I’ve always wanted to get into online shopping (for dvds mainly) but always seemed too intimidating-am I lazy or what?! Me like your blog too :)

  5. Nonaw, yea apparently they do sell PSP Games there, not bad really ehhehe :r Its a shame its the Euro version though :( And yeah good mood stems out of shoe-shopping ;r

    Rampurple, now that would be a dilemma :r

    Shopa, You’re not Shopaholic girl for no reason or are you? :P

    Ali, Today I woke up at 4pm! LOL! I slept a bit early but woke up late for some strange reason, and true, I had plans to work on a paper by waking up early and now that I didn’t it’s like uhhhh I’m not doing anything but I might as well start some reading stuff and like that ;r And I want to unlock the porsche, it’ll take ages for me :( Thanks for your congrats and you aren’t lazy just ummm :P Busy yeah that’s it hehehe you can always blame it on being busy ;p

  6. unfortuneatly, i wasn’t spoiled today, we didn’t have enough time lol
    we’ll see what happens on Sunday or Monday :p