End of Weekend

December 10, 2005  |  Uncategorized

‘Tis the end of the weekend I guess, 3 more weeks or less of classes to go, and I am starting to feel sad, I want the course to end but I really don’t want to end hanging out with my friends, but with me graduating and them still having more classes it’ll be somewhate difficult to see each other. I will however make it my life’s mission to find time at least once a week to spend with them. Since I slept a bit early last night I thought I might have a chance to wake up early and work on the endless papers that I have to turn in, but what happens?

I woke up at 3:30pm! Well not really more close to 4pm but I am not counting. And since my body was barely functioning, I chose to put off the work that I had to do! Oh wait I just realized a new episode of Joey is available for my viewing and I didn’t watch it yet, oh well after writing this I will get a few laughs and then sleep.

So as I was saying I woke up with no urge to work or write or anything and so I spent the day basically watching TV and Surfing the Net, my sisters clothes are out for delivery in her area, as well as my clothes which will arrive any minute now at her appartment. She emailed me pictures of her in the snow, wow really like wow! And well yeah I just can’t wait to umm see my new shirts and jeans! I should start working out again, should get rid of my belleh! (Said in Fat Bastard’s voice) I find that the new look of my Dashboard is hot, it’s very hot to even write posts now! Really it is. I need to edit some pictures and stuff on my template make the post area wider, I just feel its too squished still, and I believe it’s time to get rid of the flash thing and revert back to normal text, might end up with a new header for only one day :P Would look nice won’t it?

Just burned a few CDs for my friends, well I burned 7 copies of entire season of “Rome” and I burned the latest episodes of Desperate Housewives and Naruto for Nuttie, now I’m burning Season 2 Episodes from 1-10 for Swair, since she might be wanting some fun watching for now. Next new episode of Desperate Houswives will be January 8 so ugh, nothing for this month anymore.

My boy just doesn’t want to get it when I tell him to come online, such a dimwit really not understanding a word that I say basically! I am thinking of ordering some nice shirts from Viki’s and I guess I will eventually! Because shopping online is just so much fun! Either from there or Amazon. I love shopping, I really do! I want to order Uggs but I am not sure about that. I might end up however ordering the new Nike ID 5.0 Women’s shoe which is supposed to mimic “walking barefoot on grass”, currently they are on Oprah’s Favorite Things List.

Urgh, I just want to spread the LOVEEE! I love you all! Look out for a drawing post next time! I can’t believe I can post an entry that requires a password to be viewed, that would be awesome won’t it? :P

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  1. well, we love u too :p

  2. Yes Yes Yes We loooVvvEe Ya 222…
    What Password?