Pop Goes The Cork

December 25, 2005  |  Uncategorized

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Onto the actual post, are you wondering why I wrote “Pop goes the cork”? Well I can save you the trouble of wondering by mentioning that we had a wonderful Christmas/Birthday party today. Well it was Kalikaboki’s birthday party and we decided to celebrate Christmas style, well she was born tomorrow actually, but today was our longest break. The celebration was awesome really!

We had a Christmas tree (a 4inch one), decorated beautifully, sad though that I didn’t picture the tree alone, we had cottonballs spread around the table to imitate snow along with glitter, we had gingerbread men cookies, we had christmas sugar cookies, we had a chocolate mousse ice cream cake, we had Caesar’s pizza and Mr. Bakers pasteries, we had sparkling grape and peach juice, and we had JACQUI AS THE DJ!

That was the setting, of course the singles or songs I played were all christmassy, my favorite singles were of course “Jingle Bell Rock”, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”, “White Christmas”, and “Let it Snow, Let it Snow”. Among of course many others. So now that I have set the scene I think I should mention what happened including nasty staring ninjas who made fun of us.

We were a group of 12 today, including the birthday girl, but we started off in shifts each decorating the corner of the cafeteria that’s hidden really from everything else, except freaky ninja bitches. We put two tables together decorated it in cottonballs, glitter and the chairs with red and green balloons. We got a 3rd table on the side and put on it the Christmas tree fully decorated and 2 red sacks filled with the birthday presents. It’s amazing really the setting and all. We made 3 of the girls take the birthday girl out until we got everything ready, gift wrapping, stuffing and organizing really. At around 11:15 Birthday girl came and we were all wearing our Santa Hats and as she was walking we started singing “We Wish you a Happy Birthday, We wish you a Happy Birthday, and a Happy New YEAR!” It was so cute checking out her reaction..

She proceeded to sit down and then we lit the cake or the cake was already lit actually, she blew out the candles and before cutting the cake we got our Sparkling juice bottles which pretty much resembled champagne or wine bottles, I loved the way they looked LOL! And so we proceeded to open them, of course the whole time while preparing the ninjas were staring and attempting to “picture” us but we retaliated in a similar manner in which they almost freaked out and proceeded to lift their veil back up to cover their face and leave only their eyes. (Such sluts!) Anywhoo, my friend N and I proceeded to open one of the bottles by popping the cork, I just love the sound of it, it’s too bad that we didn’t shake it a bit so that it would make a larger mess LOL! But oh well.. It popped and we laughed so badly and were so happy that it was awesome. Anywhoo we proceeded to cut cake and eat and all that while I played some Christmas songs and we of course danced in our chairs, I wanted to dance with Swair but oh well she’s such a sour puss :P

I was just turning around in my chair stretching and checking my bag really when I noticed ninjas holding a water bottle and trying to pop the top of it! Imitating us! I SWEAR I WANTED TO BEAT THEM UP! Ugh the nerve of them.

Oh well, after cake and pasteries and pizza, Kalikaboki opened up the gifts and we enjoyed seeing her reaction. Around 12ish the party was coming down from its high and the ninjas had already left but we didn’t feel like doing anything more so we broke up the party at 12:45. So all in all, it was a GREAT DAY!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I SERIOUSLY DO! I wish to celebrate it more and more ;P We need an Xmas party! We really do! Dancing is a must seriously! Anywhoo if you read this far, I’m sorry to have taken so long but it was a day to remember really!

Adieu mon ami’s

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  1. Ninja VANISH!

    Sounds like yall had a wonderful time. You sound like a great friend Jackie. For my birthday, will you decorate yourself as a cake? :)

  2. You, a DJ >__

  3. William, Yea I hope they all vanish, I swear we got more stares than ummmm a freak at the circus! Seriously! And wouldn’t you want Melissa decorated as a cake? :P

    Blasha, Well sort of when it comes to parties! Hehe I had my Nano and iStation.

  4. i still dont get it :S … LOL ..
    wait .. oh wait … you mean the ones who cover thier face’s like “monaqaba” or something? ahhhhhhhhh … yeah i dont blame you, i mean even if any one “ninja or a samurai or even a kamikazi” or any one stare ALOT i hate it, i mean you can look for a second but DONT STARE… FREAKS!!
    LOL :P
    but that was nice …

  5. Merry Christmas :D
    yeah well those ninja slut’s are just jealous they dont have eventful, meaningful, interesting lives like the rest of the world.. poor sods

  6. Sounds like you guys had a blast! Jackie the DJ eh? Has a nice ring to it! Ninjas will be ninjas *shrugs* Don’t let them get to you. Yalla 6arsheelee gingerbread men cookies :P Merry Christmas ;)

  7. Nonaw, You don’t get what hehe? And yeah those were the ninjas = monaqabat, and yes I also agree with what you mentioned one stare is okay but staring a long time is not tolerated, and I had fun today yay!

    Extinct Dodo, Thanks Merry Xmas to you too, and yes they are very jealous they don’t have friends who would make a party really! For any occasion.

    D’n’G, Hehehe well all I did was download a few songs and make them listen to it! YAY! Hehehe and True I agree totally, oh the Gingerbread cookies all went home with Birthday Girl ;P

  8. HOW AM I A SOUR PUSS?!?!?!?!?!

    how how how am IIII a sour puss??!!?!?!

    i gave out the birthday girl her gifts!! how am i a SOUR PUSS?!?!?!

  9. i believe my comment was sumthin like this…

    you a DJ! then why the tree is only 4″?! then if i was there i would’ve danced with you!!

    but i dunno why all of that wasn’t up there^^!!!!

  10. Swair, I think I explained how, because you wouldn’t DANCE DIMWIT!

    Blasha, Oh lol then it got eaten up somehow and I a DJ because I was the only one who could download albums quickly so I had already downloaded christmas song, then the 4inch because well we didn’t want a large tree LOL, and I would have loved to dance with you :P And I too don’t know why it disappeared ;p

  11. :P *me dances with Jax* 3qaban cuz her blog ate ma comment :P

  12. *me checks the new comment* phew, it’s there :D

  13. Poor Swair. Is jackie being mean again? Bad Jackie! Bad Jackie! I dunno if Melissa wants to be covered in frosting or not, but I have a feeling you would be down for that, lol. Weirdo.

  14. she’s being mean :(

    i was dancing on my chair.. SHE was dancing on her chair!! we were dancing together… ON OUR CHAIRS!!!
    she didn’t get up and dance and twirl around like a ballerina… i would’ve noticed since jackie isn’t a twirling type of person…



  15. Blasha, YAY! Let’s dance 2005 away!

    William, No I’m not mean, I’m Happy Bunny! YAY! LOL Of course I would be down with that lol getting covered in chocolates and frosting and yummm all that delicious food, it’s too bad I can’t lick myself, ops scratch that, I believe I meant no I am not down with that ;p I’m not down at all.

    Swair, Yes you could’ve gotten up and took my hand romantically and swept me off my feet, but I think you expect me to be the guy in our relationship, ugh! I like to be spoiled, so spoil me!