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I’m tired, I was happy but now I’m not that happy. Feeling a weird feeling in my chest really and it’s all Jack’s fault, but oh well. Let’s see recap of today’s events?

Ate KFC for Lunch, attended my LAST CLASSES. They are actually the last classes that I will ever take in English Literature. Wow, I can’t believe that I am getting a BA soon! I can’t believe I am grown up now. I have to soon move onto suits and all that shit if I want to work immediately which might be an option for a few months actually, might be volunteer work who knows. At least somethng to spend time or pass the time. Got Great Steak and Potato Company for Snack/Early Dinner (very early at 6pm!) and now I am not even hungry, I can’t even eat a thing.

I cleaned my closet, got rid of an entire box full of clothes that I don’t actually wear anymore, and I gave a bit of clothes to my sister, wow I never knew my closet was SOO OUTDATED BACK THERE! I hope I will fix the rest of the room soon, I’m working on it bit by bit right now.

Got invited to a New Years Eve party, but things are shaky not knowing if I will be going or not, which is the reason I feel sad, I want to go and I hope I can.

What am I feeling? What am I feeling? Seriously? Lost and not yet found. That’s my feeling at the moment.

Song of the day happened to be Gwen Stefani- Luxurious, and I want my Teddy Bear. Oh I found an old old old bunny I had since my early teens, he’s on top of my closet, I have to get him out of there and into my warm busom (te hehehehe, I said busom) oh well. I guess bed time is calling, Adieu.

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  1. Putrid post! I honestly do not see how you are worthy of a B.A. I think all the KFC that has gotten to your thunder thighs, is slowly creeping its way up to your head. My God woman! Quit the the KFC!

    Your blog as of yet has not met my expectations.

    You’re Welcome,
    The Critic

  2. happy noww :P

  3. Congratulations on your BA!!!!!

    Suggestion: take a gap year.


  4. Mabroooook! Watch out for the teddy bear :P

  5. Critic, interesting criticism, I believe you are going at it in the wrong way aren’t you? Basing your sole criticism on one post? And I believe your comments are a bit too harsh, I will take them with good humor but oh well. I do hope to see what you believe is an “exceptional” blog.

    Purgatory, Happy with what? :P

    Shosho, Thanks it will be here soon though not yet got a few more weeks of waiting for exams and then it’ll arrive. And I believe I am going to take the next 9 months as a sort of “semi-break” although I do crave a longer break.

    MiYaFushi, I got a new Teddy Bear, from Jack today YAY! OMG I’ll name the bear Jack! Yay! Oh well, thanks for your warm wishes.