Our Mystic Lodge of 2003

December 31, 2005  |  Creative

She was already pacing around the room, waiting for him to enter. They had arrived earlier to their holiday getaway location. It was as exotic as any other place at this time of the year. It was the 31st of December 2003, a year has gone by of their rocky relationship, and what better way to end it than being all alone in a cabin on top of one of God’s beautiful creations, a mountain.

She looked around and found that there was a fireplace in the living room, she started moving around and entered the bedroom. Only this bedroom was so large and so beautiful it took her breath away. There was another fireplace there as well. “Hmmm” she thought aloud. While Damien was parking the car, she might as well start the fire here. It was quite late in the night and the chill was stronger in the air, with only a few hours left of the year, she doubted they would spend it in the living room. Smiling devilishly, she located the electrical match thing and preceded to where the logs were already stacked, this will surely make the room warm.

Feeling the butterflies fluttering in her tummy she waited anxiously for Damien to return. Her back was against the door while she stood staring out at the snowy landscape, he entered slowly careful not to make a sound. She stood there waiting for him to come to her; he walked towards her and put his arms around her waist hugging her softly before turning her around to face him. In the deep husky voice of his, he asked, “Why were you standing alone baby?” and she answered, “I was waiting for my prince.” His hands were still wrapped around her waist and she felt him gently pulling her backwards towards the large bed positioning him between the bed and herself. Then he asked “And did your prince com?” Smirking devilishly she answered “Well I am not sure yet,” choosing to play with the word. He murmured something that sounded like “Naughty girl,” and gathered her in for a huge hug burying his face into the crook of her neck.

She felt as if she was melting the minute his head touched the base of her neck, the minute she felt his lips warming that spot. It was a feeling she could not describe and will not even try to describe, only a woman in her spot would truly understand this feeling. She lowered her head to rest on his shoulder, he knew that this hug meant more to me than just a mere closeness between two bodies. To her, this was his way of sharing his heart, he reluctantly moved back a bit and placed his hand on her chin lifting it up to allow her eyes to gaze into his for a moment before his lips descended onto hers to taste them. His kiss at first was so soft, rubbing his lips on hers, until his tongue began to demand entry into her mouth, and once it entered, the kiss could no longer be called soft and sweet. It was more like passionate and filled with heat, a kiss that would melt the ice surrounding them that would melt her. They kissed for a while, forgetting everything else, forgetting that he had just sat down on the bed and pulled her down into his lap.

The minute she shifted herself in his lap and encountered the proof of his desire, the hard erection straining against the front of his jeans she felt a need to reposition herself on his lap, so that she was no longer sitting on one of his thighs but more on his erection and feeling its heat seeping through their clothes. “Oh baby, someone’s excited,” she whispered breathlessly. Damien looked at her and answered with the naughty gleam in his eyes, ” What this old thing?” She replied “There is nothing old about it honey, nothing at all, I rather feel its quite young and full of energy, energy I would gladly consume to release you of the tension and strain of it.” She started to rub herself against him, she wanted to take him inside her right then and there to feel him deep down in the heart of her, but she just kept on rubbing and feeling the friction they created, while gazing into his passion hazed eyes, had he wanted to hide his desire nothing would have hidden it from his eyes, he was good but not that good.

He seemed to want to take the upper hand, to control this seduction so his hands went to her waist and began moving her on him, he moved her quite slowly at first while she took her time tasting his delicious lips. Moving his hands from her waist he tugged down her shirt to expose her round full-breasts, it appears that he wants a taste of those as well, or to feast his eyes on them. He chose neither, the minute her breasts were exposed to the chilly air, her nipples hardened, his hands moved to cover one of them and started to squeeze. He didn’t stop there; Damien lifted his eyes to gaze into hers and said, “Mmm, something is anxious for my touch, I wonder how would they feel in my mouth.” Before she could even reply his lips took one of her nipples into his mouth and started sucking on them.

Shifting her slowly off his lap, he laid her against the feathery bed mattress and came to lie on his side, his lips not even bothering to leave her breast, and his other hand continued to massage the other. She found her voice and whispered gently into his ear “Bite me baby, bite me hard?” “Mmm… yes bite it harder.” He fulfilled her wishes and more by biting and tugging her nipple away. A moan escaped her lips while his hand started to move down the length of her body. Slipping his fingers inside her tight ass jeans and moving aside the little thong she had worn specifically for him, his fingers found her very core, the very heat of her. They resembled an erotic painting right then and there; any artist would likely name this “A Well-Pleasured Couple”.

With only a few hours left of the year and the excitement well under way for now, one can hardly imagine what would be next on their list. She couldn’t imagine what else he would do to her, to bring in the New Year. A year promising much more pleasure and excitement than the previous one, and one she was anticipating highly. “Ohhh Jenna,” came out of Damien’s lips as he felt her hands slip down between their bodies to hold him.

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  1. What a way to start the new year! hehehe

  2. When I handed you the books, I knew that was coming :P

  3. Sou, If only dreams came true ;p

    Shosho, Hehehehehe its not really your fault ;P

  4. Lucky Damien. So romantic. You are a perverted romantic aren’t you?

    Yalla, publish these in a book or something. I would buy it, and get you to sign it.

  5. shay wayed 7elo o romantic sij thanks 3ala hal works sij blog bkel mafeh 7elo o yeshra7 el sader ;)

  6. William, yes I am a naughty perverted, spank me romantic :P I don’t have the dedication to stay in front of a screen and type consistently following a certain plot line and such :r

    Hashemy, Thanks very much, Welcome to my blog :D