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January 5, 2006  |  Uncategorized

?? Of course I am not wearing those sexy shorts and they aren’t shorts at all, it’s just what I would like to call my "Snippets" like post which is similar to SheWrites’s Snippets basically. So here goes:

I am sleepy, I need to sleep more, and answer the phone less. Last night a wonderful situation happened LOL! I still laugh about it, Jack had a final today so he spent the night studying, he promised to call after he finished studying so I sat up waiting for a bit then fell asleep at close to 3AM. He calls at 5AM and I don’t know what I say, really I was in the deepest slumber there ever was. But I do remember asking him "What did you guys do?" (roughly translated of course from arabic). He’s like "we?" and I’m like "yea you and the girls", here he goes like "what girls"? I eventually mention a few of my girl friend’s names and he laughs a bit and says "Jackie you’re asleep, go back to sleep" and I’m like "no I’m not asleep, I’m awake, what did you guys do really?" Hehehe but eventually he won and I went back to sleep but before I closed the phone he told me to wake him up at 7AM since his exam was at 9AM. LOL! The alarm rings at 7AM and I thought it was to wake me up, and so I decide to snooze some more not waking up until 8:30! But eventually Jack’s sister woke him up and he got to the exam on time.


Now that we are done with that section, I would like to say "Big’n’Tasty" is really Big and Tasty, I loved it, mmmmm it was so nummy I wanted to marry it, no seriously I did.


I hate Ahli Bank of Kuwait. I hate it period. I love NBK, I love hottie who works at NBK, Ugh I saw him today as well.


I am still broke, I don’t know how long I will be, it sucks to be broke it really does. Victoria Secret’s Semi-annual 50% of Clothing sale is going on and there is this pair of jeans that is going for 68$ that I am dying to order ugh! It sucks to be poor or broke or whatever, and you can never have enough jeans, I’ve got plenty of pairs but I dont care I want more!


I am back to sleepy again.


I need to start studying for my last classes exams or whatever they will be called to me, ugh I hate them! I wish I had like a smart brain really that doesn’t need to read things and like ugh whatever!


New template should be on the way I guess, I believe a change for ’06 is needed, and I might be on the verge of finding a new one that will correspond with my new header graphic which will rock of course.


Kill me and bury me in a Tech/Book store or whatever, I just want to haunt those two places.

** ======= ** =======**

And that my friends are my share of snippets or sexy shorts! :r

"Food is better than sex" said the mighty Jackie!

P.S. Loveeeee ’06!

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  1. Uno! Yeah it’s funny what you’ll say when somebody wakes you up during one of those recovery sleeps :P I just hope I didn’t spill any secrets.. You can love the big’n’tasty all you want, I’ll just stick to the smart’n’healthy (does a little white dance) ;) I hate my bank, I’m so .. (on the phone listening to balance) Finally!! Oh well, guess I’ll have to re-schedule that drive-by for another date :P I’m freakin out about not freakin out about my finals yet (if that makes any sense) :( Good luck with those exams :D

  2. What new template! you have a template disease!!! besch! and any template you do has to approved by me and shosho.

  3. View my blog for an explanation.

  4. You hate Ahli Bank!? Why .. ?
    The company I work for does everything through them .. I have to open an account there. I just hope they have online transfers.

  5. wala al ahli bank a7esa ma e6awer nafsa wayed, “bank bo habash sheteraya mena :p” hehe
    bs ham el mayet ma e9er etkalam 3ana amsaa7 kelmety o awafeg 3ala el nbk coz is the best mo bs ebnathary 6ab3an lakena afthal bank fe el middle east kela in 2004 o metwafra afro3a bkel el mana6eq taqreban 7eta b

  6. ;p bakamel ehny tawny ga3ed maly khelg aghayer shay wetha fe badleyat 6awfoha b3ad, 7eta bara el q8 ako afro3 o ye3temed 3ala seyasat el bab el maftoo7 o hathy meza 7elwa ay shay law esgheer bab el moder emba6al o afthaal khadamat ma9refeya wenta ebaitkom b3ad shtabon “tra ma ashtegeel fel el bank bs BANKY EL WA6ANY”hehe ;p

  7. 7Tenths, Why why why do you want to stay smart’n’healthy? :r It’s not fair really LOL! Just kidding I guess, I would like to seek you out to invite you to a critic fest tomorrow evening LOL! so think about it I guess ;p As for your bank yes I hate one of the banks that I have an account at (Ahli) so much because of my lovely balance of 1.099KD! I still didn’t get my (salary) whatever its called :r Ugh being broke sucks ass! Good luck with your exams as well ;r

    Purgatory, it’s not really going to be a major change dude, I just need something that’ll match my new header ;r So chill :P

    Critic, Thanks I guess :)

    K the Kuwaiti, because they are a bunch of losers, trying to imitate NBK! :r They have JUST opened their online banking website, really what bank would go this far without one?!

    Hashemy, Yes I understand totally and Banky El Wa6ani as well, hehe oh and YABEEELA!

  8. Critic fest?! Who/what/where?! :P

  9. You reminded me! I forgot about that sale. Better get that tracksuit i wanted. Big N Tasty yum!

  10. Big N’ Tasty Big Yum Yum! It has got me hooked on junk food all over again! Its the best McD’s burger I must say!

  11. 7tenths, The Star Academy Butcher Session that I will possibly have with Sou tomorrow ;p

    MiYaFushi, I agree I want more more more I just had a Big’n’Tasty and ummm yeah I’m drugged on it ;P or hooked on it more like it ;r

    Delicately Realistic, I used to love the Double Cheeseburger but now I love Big’n’Tasty I just hope to never encounter a badly cooked one since it will ruin my image of the burger :r

  12. Stop with the big’n’tasty talk already! Anyway I’m not a big fan of Star Academy but am a huuuuge fan of dissing ppl out, tell Sou to invite me should the butcherin’ commence :)

  13. Yalla woman! I saw sexy shorts and right off the bat I thought… “pictures??????” But alas (or khallas, or whatever), nothing but disappointment :( But, I will agree, the big’n’tasty IS big’n’tasty.

  14. i don’t like the new template… i loved the old one… I WANT IT BAAACK!!!!!

    and stay smart’n’healthy cos big’n’tasty will make u look like Anna Nicole Smith pre-diet pills… and we don’t want that, now, do we?