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January 15, 2006  |  Uncategorized

You never actually thought you would see this day, you might have joked about it, you might have done many things but when it truly comes you are just in shock that this has got to be Ashton’s way of Punking you right?

Well at least that’s the way I feel, I slept quite early last night, granted my left eye is still trying to twitch but that’s because my sleep was broken up.

Deep in my sleep I guess I was having some pinkish dreams (cute ones maybe), but I don’t recall it now, all I remember now is the moment my sister knocks the door of my room, enters and I lazily open one eye and ask her “Whaaaat?” and she’s like “You don’t have to wake up to pick us up today, there will be no school.” And I was like “What’s wrong now, what happened?” I seriously wasn’t prepared to hear her say “Baba Jabir passed away, no school for the next 3 days” and her voice broke. She’s like what 16 years old? She’s always been the sensitive one in the family crying for no reason at all, crying for a reason but I was like “Are you serious?” and she’s like “Yeah” she leaves my bedroom and closes it.

I would go back to sleep if I could but I just sat there in bed, staring at the ceiling and wondering, or really not wondering but I wasn’t sure what I was feeling. Picked up the phone called a friend whom I had a study date with and she confirmed it. I seriously never thought I would see this day. I was like thinking Saddam the bastard gets to LIVE! While a great Amir gets to DIE!? I wanted Saddam to go first really, I never thought that he would just still be alive. True Sheikh Jabir was sick for the past decade or so but one can still wish right?

I guess this was all my way of saying: Rest in Peace Baba Jabir, May your soul go to heaven. Nothing will ever be the same again.

You will be missed, truly missed in the depths of our hearts.

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  1. i really never expected this… i still can’t believe it…

    NOTHING will ever be the same… he was like our security blanket, u feel him there and u don’t even have to mention him… now u can actually FEEL that something is missing…

    unbelieveable :(

  2. ur thoughts are what i was thinking…. how the hell can an asshole like saddam still be alive and a good man like baba jaber die?

    im still in shock seriously… it’s like im in a dream and I can’t wake up!

  3. a grieving daughter

    allah yir7oma inshala.. baba jaber was like a father to many of us.. he was so modest and down to earth.. bas il 7amdila he didnt suffer ib mootta.. he was sick a few years back but he’s been healthy for quite a while he passed away whilst sleeping.. il7amdila it says a lot.. 3atham allah ajrich

  4. May he rest in peace.

  5. It is sad indeed, may his soul rest in peace

  6. Swair, Oh well, life does go on btw.

    Ananyah, Saddam is going to out-live them all I guess, punishment for all the crime he’s committed, or he could’ve sold his soul to the devil.

    A Grieving Daughter, Ajerna o Ajrech and yes at least now he can rest in peace :)

    7tenths, true dat.

    Ayya, just think of all the good he’s made, that’s the best thing that comes out of his death really. Many people can wish to make a difference, but I believe he somehow made a difference and has a name that will live on, people will remember him by all the good he’s done and that’s better than living in more pain than he deserves.