It’s One of Those Days

January 18, 2006  |  Uncategorized

It’s been one of those days really, where I feel really lazy and bored and all that jazz actually. I’m loving it probably well not really, if this is how the rest of my days will be spent then God help me!

This is how I currently feel, and since pictures are worth a thousand words then check them out.

Lazy Jackie

Me trying to get out of bed really and my bedroom is almost that messy but I’m not that blonde. Ironic though that’s almost how short I cut my hair :P

Laptop Jackie

Me overdosing on my laptop/desktop both really since I spend time on 3 different computers LOL! Long story but to give you Cliff Notes version, Desktop PC is in basement, use it when I’m there, Powerbook sits next to desktop and I use it when I feel a need to lay back on the recliner and watch some TV, and Acer Tablet PC is upstairs in bedroom for excessive series use, as in watching more episodes of many series.


Me putting off more work, actually studying and preferring to sleep ontop of all those papers rather than actually do anything.

I love Mouse

And at the end of the day you’ll always find me going back to my computers and ending it there whether it’s early morning or late at night, you’ll always find me there. If my eyes could complain they would complain that I lost most of my eye sight because of computers really hehe.

Anywhoo, I hope you enjoyed this little thing I called, a Picture worth a Thousand Words post, in which I described a typical Lazy day of mine in it. And now I get down and dirty with business really.

My sis left this morning, I went to bed last night at around 3AM and woke up at 6AM feeling as if I didn’t sleep at all really, I felt like ugh being pulled out of my own bed, it’s a shame really and so I went and had breakfast with her and said good-bye and came home and slept until late afternoon really! Hehe then got online and did stuff really and that was basically my day. Okay I know that I will start exams in a short while but I still am not in the studying mode, I should revise for exam #1 since its in a few days on the 22/1 and exam #3 is the one that scares me the most so I’ve got to study extra hard for that one since its on 28/1 I think I will start on the 20th and start studying basically the entire book, but exam #2 is fine coz whether I do real sucky or real well I will be able to do well in the class in a way you know. Oh well, that’s just my life and dilemma.

I’ve got a question to the new WordPress 2.0 users, try adding a link to your “Links” area can you do it? or does it get screwed up in a way, that you have to add a bookmarklet and that bookmarklet doesn’t even work for you? Please answer.

Adieu my little yummy cookies!

P.S. I thought to add this last minute hehe:

Lazy Days

Lazy Days are the best days! Don’t you agree? I naturally prefer them to all other days :P Hehehehe

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  1. wow ultimate laziness! g’luck with your exams!

    i thought i’m the only geek around here with all these equipment lol

  2. Aww, cute cats, yours? Can I have one?? The damn homeless one that I’ve been feeding outside our house for the last 3months won’t come near me! Must’ve read my blog.. :P & noone’s really ever in study mode until like the day before exam, you gotta fake it for now ;) Good luck :D

  3. My public speaking exam was postponed to Sunday…I feel crappy! Today was supposed to be my first day of freedom!

    And I love this post! Losts of pitcures! yay! hehehe :)

    I’m a yummy little cookie?! YAY! :D hehehe…

  4. Ok, is it only me, or did you notice that I said:

    “yay” followed by “hehehe” twice?!


  5. wow.. ur just as lazy as i am… *yawns*

  6. Mini R, Believe me no one can compete with my laziness, I reach the point in which I sit at my computer and feel the ned to drink water that I boss my little baby sister around to go to the fridge to get me a water bottle LOL! And thanks I need all the luck I can get.

    7tenths, Not mine really they are available on the web though, I wish for a cat, I had 2 at separate times but both ran away after my young sister tortured them :r And trust me I perfected the study before the exam technique by studying a few hours before it actually LOL!

    Sou, Yea I know how you feel LOL! I love this post as well, felt a need to spice it up with pictures, it’s been a while since I did that and yes you are a yummy cookie, yes you are :P

    Swair, Even lazier hon :P Trust me But I force myself to do stuff.

  7. I feel the same way too!! I can’t get up at all!! I’m in bed 24 hrs!! I can’t even get some studyin’ done at all!! I’ve got a final tomorrow, and i really dunno what i’m gonna do about it!! All i kow is that i can’t fail, it’ll kill me!!

  8. I would never miss a lazy-day opportunity.

  9. It has been a while since I last had a lazy day. I just got back from vacation, but lazy was not on the agenda at all. I am looking forward to take a vacation from my vacation :)
    Enjoy all laziness you can afford..

  10. lo0l u’re always online ya3nii? ;P~
    shib3ay nowm, for there will be a day where u’ll value sleep! ;P trust me?