Pods, iMacs, Emails, and Nothing More

January 18, 2006  |  Uncategorized

It’s quite early for me to post, and so soon after a previous post right? But I thought after reading this article that I should write something, and then I thought well I should mix in some of my personal stuff along with the techie stuff.

Article one mentions that an Arabic iPod is currently in the works, that pretty soon we in the Middle East will witness the launch of the new Arabic iPod which will basically do everything that the normal iPod does but add Arabic to it I guess, wait let me finish reading the article. It’s interesting that another thing they are working on is releasing an Arabic version of Tiger OSX as well. It’s interesting isn’t it? You can check the rest of the article or actually read it here.

Article two mentions a review made by the guys at Ars Technica or guy for that matter of the intel iMac where they rate it a 9/10 stating the pros and cons as:


  • Speed and performance of Intel-native apps
  • Rosetta Performance
  • Built-in iSight
More on Website…
  • Lack of user-serviceability
  • Short list of Intel-native applications at launch
  • No support for shared iTunes playlists in Front Row

That of course can all be found in detail at the following link of course, so click here.

So now that we have that part out of the way let me mention the “Emails” part of this post. I recently realized something not so cool anymore in my life. I realized that I have quit sending out emails and receiving meaningful ones. I mean don’t get me wrong I still get emails but they are usually forwards or a notice from wordpress that a new comment is up and ready for me to check basically. It got me thinking back to a time where I used to enjoy emailing and I still do. It took me way back to 1997 really where I first discovered the Internet, wait it could be then or it could be 1998 I am not positive though. Wait it was when I was in 8th grade and I was there in 97-98 lol, doesn’t narrow it down, but anyways I remember back then I used to love sending out emails that I actually joined a “Penpal” service where I get to write other kids who are my age all around the world and maintain a friendship of some sort. Back then this wasn’t my email, the one I’m using now, and right now it’s out of service I guess hehe I forgot my password or I shut it down I can’t remember which.

But the point is, that I used to write other people, I used to get to know them and stuff. True sometimes there are freaks out there but I thought that it’s time I quit using any Instant Messenger as a means of communication and actually try to send out an email or two once in a while. I’d love to hear the “Ding” of an email arriving in my Inbox. And what I’d love more is actually getting to know my already friends.

So I proposed this idea to Swair, I would send an email a day, or something like that, a meaningful email more than one sentence. Mentioning something for example that you don’t know about me, true I can hang out with people more than once and they can understand me, I can be there all the time but you can never share my same life, you don’t necessarily know me.

So I’m thinking, why don’t each and everyone of you send out an email to a friend of yours, a close friend, or a new friend, sharing a tidbit from your childhood days, or something that you never shared with them before? What do you think about that? I would totally love getting emails, getting to know my friends better, and basically having fun during the time I’m doing all this. Won’t you?

P.S. Notice that I am tending to avoid something called books and studying by writing countless posts. I guess you can see more of those appearing right?

P.P.S I couldn’t get more than 2 hours of sleep today, actually I just remembered I had to wake Jack up like 3 hours ago LOL! Oh well. Anyways I couldn’t sleep until 8AM! Mother walks into my bedroom at 7AM telling me to get up and study and I’m like for what? And she’s like your exam is today, and I’m like NO it isn’t! And she’s like yes we are back to normal schedule and I’m like Dude you’re so stoned No it’s been postponed until Sunday. And she’s like no it hasn’t, get up and study and she leaves my bedroom door open and walks away, and I go to close it and she’s like you’ll regret this and I’m like Dude exams are put off by 3 days, my exam for today is now on Sunday! And she still didn’t believe me. Granted I already mentioned the fact 3000000 times already the past few days! I guess they don’t just learn right?

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  1. GOD! ur so bored :ppp

    and yes, i’ll do the e-mail thing :p

  2. I prefer the phone, but yeah I sometimes have whole conversations by email, back and forth.

  3. I was this close to getting the iMac G5. Thank god I waited :P I was wondering if I could use Aramex to get the iMac from the Apple Store? Are you currently using Aramex? I heard about something called IEC that was supposedly ‘better’ but I don’t know the difference.

  4. An arabic iPod? All they need to do is add fonts to the firmware…

    Instant messaging practically killed email.

  5. Swair, Oh well what can I say hehe I am bored very :P

    MiyaFushi, Its awesome though to have emails :P

    Moe, Yes you can but you’ll kind of pay for the shipping when it arrivves as well, but in order to order directly from Apple’s website you need an American Credit Card or something coz they don’t accept international credit cards. I haven’t tried IEC so I am not sure.

    3baid, Yea I know I am not sure what they are attempting exactly, and true IM killed Email :P