Way Past Midnight

January 20, 2006  |  Creative

He woke up quite exhausted from their little tryst, well maybe he shouldn’t call it a tryst anymore since they didn’t just sleep together and leave each other instead she spent the night at his place. He got up quietly out of his bed careful not to disturb her sleep, he then noticed how the covers had slipped off her body and were covering only her hips and below. At that moment the image she portrayed was worthy of an artist duplicating on a piece of canvas. It’s a shame that he had to cover her up for fear of her catching a night chill, it’s an even bigger shame to cover those lucious golden globes.

But he did so anyway before slipping out of his bedroom and heading down the hall to his ever so modest kitchen, a tiny place actually containing little variety of food since he usually eats out anyways. Opening the fridge and looking around for something to eat, he decided instead of food he’d just have something to drink instead, and so he got himself a cold beer and headed back to his bedroom. He had thought to drink quietly while sitting there watching her sleep. It’s been a wish of his ever since he could remember, getting her back to his place to actually spend the night and not having to sneak into her place to make out with her. And now that it’s finally here, he was glad, very very glad.

Lighting one of the many candles he had spread around the room to give it a sensual and sexy ambiance he took a seat in that leather chair he had in the corner. Beer in one hand and candles lit next to his other hand he sat there enjoying the peace and quiet of the night and of his girl.

If one was to look around his bedroom to describe it, they would say that it was a typical guy’s bedroom, decorated in blacks and browns. It was quite spacy for his one bedroom apartment, an apartment he had rented to get away from his parent’s constant fighting and one that was closer to his college. It had his large manly bed right there in the middle of the room facing the window, a window which of course was heavily covered with drapes and shutters and everything he could find really to get rid of the streams of sunlight that would shine in early morning. He wasn’t an early bird and he was actually cranky, very cranky early in the morning. But the bed wasn’t the only thing there, he had a nice little sitting section mapped out right underneath the window, one which contained a leather chair, his chair, and a smaller couch with a coffee table. He didn’t know why he set that section up but he was glad he had anyways. Contrary to other bedrooms his desk and computer were set up in the living room/study area. Basically for one reason only and that is to not be tempted by the bed and to actually study. Apart from a couple of shag rugs that was basically his bedroom, with of course the necessary dresser and closets.

A few minutes had passed since he sat there in silence. He noticed a movement on the bed, he felt that she might be waking up. He saw her stretch out so sexily and turn around to reach for him. All she got however was an empty pillow which caused her to wake up suddenly and sit up in bed. Staring around the unknown place to her she saw the faint candle light and calmed down. A smile appeared on her pretty face as she combed her bed messed up hair with her fingers. She spoke softly “For a second there honey, I thought I was dreaming last night. What are you doing there all alone, while you’ve got me in bed?”

He smiled deviously and said to her “Waiting for my princess to wake up, waiting for her to please the dragon in me, are you ready for that princess?” He winked at her, amused by the way she clutched the bed sheets to her naked body as if trying to cover herself up, not knowing that just a few hours ago she was naked in front of him and squirming underneath him.

She let part of the sheet slide out of her hands and said in that sexy voice of hers “You know I am, baby. Now come over here and show me what’s troubling this beast of mine.”

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  1. odd how you exhaustively went into describing the setting..

  2. Girl you described that bed room like an exact room i know!! without the beast LOL

  3. oooh oooohhh oooooooooooh nice story…… wish it was real ;)

    your writing skills are amazing hon!

  4. not bad at all…you’re one for details alright :)

  5. Extinct Dodo, I am not sure but I wanted to, I had an urge to do that.

    Judy Abbott, It is just a coincidence :P Hehehe I’ve never been in a room like that :P Just imagined it

    Ananyah, Thanks hehehe it’s the first time you read anything I write righT?:P Heheh YAY!

    Mini R, At the moment I wanted those details.

    Swair, Thanks :P

  6. Damn…that was good….right out of a sexy novel….totally fun to read!..:)

  7. If I was a chick, I think that story would have made me wet :)

    Very well written though, I love reading your stories because I can actually picture this stuff in my head.

    I don’t usually like romance stuff either.

    Bravo chica.

  8. MissCosmoKuwait, Thanks hehehe I’m glad you liked it ;P

    William, Yay you would be wet? :P Are you saying you aren’t wet right now? :P LOL! Okay this conversation has just left the PG Rating LOL! And yay you get to picture things :P

    MiYaFushi, Thanks :P I was waiting for your comment hehe

  9. I agree with William, i’ve pictured it all!!
    Well done sweeta :)

  10. an amazing piece of writing .. WOW !!

  11. Blasha, Hehehehe I am glad to read your compliment :D

    Pieces of Me, Thanks but it’s not that amazing really hehe :) I am glad you enjoyed it.