It Just Never Ends

January 26, 2006  |  Links

It seriously never ends does it? I mean please let those freaks get a life.

They finished slandering the late Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Jabir al Ahmad al Sabah.

And now they are moving onto the new Amir Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad al Sabah.

Read what the same website has up, that slandered the previous.

Click here.

And share your opinions with those imbeciles might be a too low word for them really.

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  1. Thank you, jackie! Seriously we need to stop Jazeera from entering Kuwait or evening opening their offices here! We should launch a campaign to make the people know who is better. They are jealous of our wealth and unity and our friendship with the Americans. And you know what? they are putting false names and claim they belong to countries like the UK when it’s obvious that they don’t.

  2. wtf! al jazeera has something to answer too!

    how can they allow thing to go on!

    if someone disses iraq or them im sure they’d delete the comments!

    assholes seriously!

  3. has nothing to do with the TV Channel (

  4. “Important note: Aljazeera Publishing and are not associated with the controversial Arabic Satellite Channel known as Jazeera Space Channel TV station whose website is”

  5. I seriously dont understand why you guys havent boycotted this site already.. as the saying goes.. ‘alqafila taseer wal kilaab tanba7’

  6. Lily yeah I know

    Ananyah, actually all comments are moderated if there is any dissing of Jazeera I guess they remove them

    K, Yea I know that it’s not the TV Channel

    I, Also yes I know that as well.

    Extinct Dodo, I have it’s just that it’s been brought to my attention earlier so I thought I should share it.