Final Procrastination

January 27, 2006  |  Uncategorized

My procrastination knows no boundaries of course, and the fact that I have my last final exam tomorrow is not even helping me get rid of this or something like that. I have been awake for around 5 hours now, I am supposed to be studying, but I seriously can’t bother opening the text and reading the 120 or more pages that I am going to be examined in, ugh. I feel like I wanna cry.

So what did I do in those 5 hours, I basically took a template for blogger from one site, and completely modified it including installing a new header and all, and emailed it as a surprise for a fellow blogger friend. Seriously, and right now I have an urge to re-design Anonymous Kuwait Blog with a new template lol and I was even about to start searching for a template to match it, but oh well. The text is right next to me and I can’t be bothered opening it, but I guess I will do so at around hmm 6 pm? I think I’ll spend like a few hours on it reading the entire thing and then summarizing it. My exam is at 8am and I hope to get more than half of the information down in my head hopefully. I seriously need to pass this class like with an A- or minimum of a B in order to maintain my GPA or increase it, anything less will make me drop down and I don’t wanna do that! Ugh!

Ugh I don’t wanna study, I think I might enjoy a bubble bath really! Okay I know that this post is going to sound annoying and full of complaints but I can’t help it if I am feeling that way.

I was thinking last night before I slept about something or another. I penned a note in my mind to two of the universities that offered Masters in the degree I want, and I also started thinking that in the time period of new few months I would like to write a short story or novel or whatever basically, I was thinking of something of 80 pages maximum. I know alot of you would persuade me to do so but I seriously need a good editor for it because my grammar really fails sometimes and sucks most others.

Anyways I should go relax in the tub and start studying. Adieu for now.

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  1. ‘Really sucks sometimes & fails the rest of the time’ would be better :D So do I got the job? ;) Yalla give it your best, no regrets, less than 12 hours away, good good luck :D

  2. Very best of luck. Always remember, once you start, it will be much easier to continue :)

  3. dear… what did baba tata and me say? u have to study wala i mean at least do “some” and then pass the class and ul never have to learn about q80 history again lol

    anyway hope ur bath made u feel better… now go study!

    talk to u 2morrow *hug*