You’re an Old School Blogger If…

January 30, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I thought of compiling a list of things that’ll show that you’re an “Old School Blogger” and this is how it goes: (P.S. They aren’t in any specific order)

  1. You remember a thing called “Unkymoods” and were obsessed or liked to put one up on your own blog.
  2. You could count the number of blogs on your two hands really.
  3. You used to read Rampurple’s blog, explored her links and other aspects of her life.
  4. You used to eat, drink, breathe, sleep blogs. (Still do but in a less aspect)
  5. You used to look forward to posts from Grandma Funk and Chocolates.
  6. You used to look forward to posts from Cici and Gigi on Quixotic Q80 Quacks, and actually participated in the quiz, in which I won, ehem ehem!
  7. You actually were there for the beginnings of Safat when it was run by Nibaq alone.
  8. You used to have a major blog fever but it faded away.
  9. Purgatory72 still scared you with his Grim Reaper posts and his “Time” Post
  10. You blogged about the Olympics! (I didn’t but others did Ehem Shosho)

Okay honestly there are more stuff but right now I’ve been awake for more than like 12 hours straight and I didn’t do that before and I’ve been in front of a PC for a while now, and when I mention PC it doesn’t mean only a Windows one :P Hehehe

Anyways, I’ve been enjoying my “Photoshop” Brushes time and so I kinda got addicted! Ugh! I need to rest so Adieu :P Love you my babys!

P.S. Example of Photoshop madness is seen below:

P.S.S. Oh yeah, share your own “You’re an Old School Blogger If”‘s hehehe I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Me is old school! woohoo!!

    *does a little dance*

  2. Am I old school if I remember when it was owned by pyra before google bought it ?

    And I used to have a blog 4 years ago ?

    Hmm, I am not old school, I am stone age.

  3. I think this list refers only to the beginning of Kuwaiti blogging phenomenon. I can’t see how it’s old school :/

  4. , if you aren’t listed here then you aren’t an old school blogger, it’s that easy, Mo ?!

  5. Its good you mentioned me even though it was at the bottom of the list, so I will not give you stick for it miss graduate :P

  6. If you click on JACKIE in the blogroll BloBoz mentioned, you get something tres weird.

  7. Jackie, thats not old … Old is being around the Qhate days.

  8. You’re an old blogger if you can remember Jackie’s first template with purpalicious and pinkalicious.


  9. 1. check
    2.number of kuwaiti blogs…check
    3. :$
    4. check
    5. check check
    6. check
    7. check
    8. check
    9. check
    10. negative

    lol k…. qhate is ancient in regards to kuwait blog years

  10. Old-school is old-school :P I’m new school baby!

  11. wrong, she used to have a black template and a cute doll picture :) I love that picture

  12. Sou, Yes you are, you know you are :P I guess you are :P

    Don Veto, you’d be in teh category of way beyond ancient :r

    Saph, Everyday new q80 bloggers are appearing therefore to classify such, there needs to be two terms, old school and new school, some old schoolers such as myself find it hard to keep up with all the new blogs out there regardless of the greatness of such blogs really.

    Bloboz, but the Blogroll has been updated everyonce in a while so you would find new ones there as well as old schoolers

    Purgatory, I had to mention you, if not I would’ve found myself in the Guillotine!

    Jewaira, yea I know, it’s a shame really that my old url has been taken away from me :(

    K, that’s ancient not old, old is days after Qhate.

    Shosho, that wasn’t #1 hehehe it started off with Black Minima Template and evolved really, evolved alot LOL! I can’t even remember how many templates I went through :P It’s mostly different shades and stuff :P

    Rampurple, see Qhate is ancient :P Hehehehe Glad we cleared that up :P

    DareDevil, Thanks :D

    7Tenths, New School sucks :P

    Purgatory, I still have that picture if you’d like it, I can blow it up and hang it on your bedroom wall and you can oogle it all you want!

  13. if qhate is ancient then I am a “imgha’bir commenter”.

  14. i’m old schooooooool :p

    old old old old old schoool schoool schoool :p

  15. looooooool i’ve been blogging for nearly 4 years…… before safat was born, before tons of you guys had your blogs….

    im mega old skool :D

  16. *Sighs* I had an idea of copying all of the moods on “Unkymoods?€?? bs GAAAAAAAAAAAWD, it’s gone!! I was too busy STUDYING >_

  17. where ma comments go?