Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2006  |  Uncategorized

So, I guess I’ll be joining in the multimillion (well not really) bloggers who wished everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day or those who wished others a Crappy V-day but oh well!

I am still waiting for my V-day gift :p I hope I’ll be surprised as well as umm other things I am not sure what I want to say here but oh well. I guess I’ll leave you all with this for now until I have some quiet time!


And here are some stuff I made ;p



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  1. Happy VD :) Hope your gift is fa-shizzlin ;) & I really gotta get me that adobe photoshop program! :P .. SHOTGUNNNNN!!! :D

  2. 7Tenths, Hehehe Happy VD to you too :r I hope you had fun today I guess hehe :P And yes you do, Photoshop is fun!

    Dr Lost, Awww Thanks happy day to you too!