February 15, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I try to write something, I’ve got the major idea in my head, however it fails to come out, I feel that I have lost the gift of writing.

I also am weirded out by WordPress because it is no longer sending me the emails indicating new comments are available on my blog, which is freaking me out.

I feel unloved! My email inbox is empty. However now I have Gmail Chat in my Inbox, its cool yet not many are online lol so that I can try it out correctly.

Oh well, ugh feelings suck!

Here is something I created today to reflect my mood:

LET GO.jpg

It’s small because it’s for MSN reallly, I am currently using it as my display picture, anyways I guess it’s time to say Adieu.

P.S. Thanks to my Swair for the lovely Teddy Bear and Rose she gave me today ;* I love you more than Jack!

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  1. I am not really sure but I guess its the lack of sunny weather? :/

  2. Called in some favors .. Sunny now.

  3. Jackie-

    It’s just writer’s block…it will go away if you take a step back, don’t write anything or evn think about writing..do other things… and then suddenly you will be able to write again :)

    Congratulations on the job working girl :)


  4. i love you more than jack, too!! :P


    *calms down*

    and thank you, K, she was cheered up lama she saw the weather :p

  5. aww i love youuuuuuuuuuu *huggggggggggg*

    /me gives you some of my roses!

  6. whats with all the love goin on in here? cant we share?

  7. ????????? ? ????????? ??????…?? ?? ?…?????????? ?????????? ??? ? ?????????? ? ??????????? 1000 ?…?? ?? ? ??????????? ???? ??????? ??????????
    ?????? ??????? ??? ?…?????????? ???????? ?…???????? ??????…?????????? :)

  8. K, Thanks alot because of you I was semi-cheerful t hat day :P

    Ms Baker, Yea I know hehe I should just relax and move away and thanks for your Congratulations!

    Swair, LOL! You seem to hate him don’t you? :P

    Ananyah, I LOVE YOU TOOOO! Yayy I want roses :P

    Dr Lost, Hmm I’ll think about it

    Nice, well it’s back to working nwo I guess hehe :P

  9. Don’t worry!

    We still love you!!