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February 18, 2006  |  Uncategorized

At the start of this year I decided that I would take a sunny attitude towards it, I would love it and look at it in ways that I never did before. It’s just to change myself to change into a better person or a better thing (as if I am really a thing or anything) but during these past few weeks it’s just as if that policy went out the window.

So today is literally my first day at work, I got me self me own cubicle and all that but no computer yet for me so I bring in my Powerbook, but I realized some of the stuff I’ve got to do is going to be on a Windows platform so I guess my Acer Tablet PC is going to show its way here next time, tough really :/ But so far my hours are great, I’ve got flexibility and all. And the way I could classify what the company I’m working at does is that it’s solely for Product Development in Museums, such as creating those things you would get at a Gift Shop and stuff.

The downfall to working here though is that it’s in the same building as Papa so whenever I feel an urge to skip LOL I can’t do that. Sad isn’t it?

Gotta fix my sleeping schedule, got to also ask about my salary LOL! Got to be a nice kid again! And got to finalize my decisions or actually chose one of two cars ;p For those of you who are wondering, it’ll be either a VW Touareg or Porsche Cayenne and I know that most of you will tell me Cayenne which I am considering greatly but within two months I’ll have made my decision by then and stuff.

Okay I’m starving, hadn’t had my breakfast at all, actually I proceeded to pour meself a bowl of cornflakes but the milk had turned bad although the expiry date suggested otherwise and therefore I tasted ruined milk and that made me lose what little of appetite I’ve got, but now I’ve got to treat myself to a nice lunch since I am STARVING! I was thinkin of something like Applebees, Chilis, Carinos, or probably Johnny Rockets. Let’s see your ideas about this before 1:30 that’ll be great really!

Got to order more books, I’ve got around 4 brand new books left and 4 old ones that I’ve had for a while. Got to also buy gifts for Nuttie and Lily and Fantasia which brings me to the next topic. Fantasia my friend has started her own blog and you can check it out here. Whereas my little sister, not the youngest one the other has created her own blog as well, so drop by and have a read I guess.

Fantasia’s Blog

My Sister Dee’s Blog

My Sister Nance’s Blog

Adieu for now mon ami’s

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  1. Hey Jackie! , Hope all goes well and I suggest J.Carino’s , I know it’s a bit after 1.30 , oh well , have fun and enjoy

  2. its nice to be called the other sister by the way sis not so little anymore lol seventeen should have a standard in your mind. neeways guess i shouldnt say this or that and just say love yah and see you around :p

  3. Jax i want a porsche Cayenne, but never asked about the cost? you know? i think 21K.. i mean full options

  4. porsche..

    did u check out the sites i told u 2 see? bmw..

  5. hehe .. Nice.. seriously though.. talk about your salary, or u might find out you have spent an entire month working for scraps