March 4, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Which of the following should I get my lunch from today?

  • Chilis – (Country Fried Chicken[or steak depending on my mood])
  • Johnny Carinos – Chicken Scallopini
  • Big Al’s Steakhouse (I never had anything from there so I am not sure what to get)

Please, suggest something soon! Hehehe I’m anxious to get me some food!

P.S. I love Daddy, he gave me more money! YAY!

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  1. you know what I would be saying.. so I won’t say it.. :P

  2. chilli

  3. all are al ghunaims restaurants! how come?
    i would say johnny carinos .. i love their bread ;)
    i know this comment is late

  4. Neither… Neither Neither……

    Go to city center Salmiya, to a small resto called Coffee Club, and get a Mixed Grill Plate .. it is awesome, just tried it, can’t wait for tommorow so i can go there again :)

  5. “…I have decided to turn on a new leaf and eat healthily”

    Hmm.. where have I heard that?

  6. Bring me fewd! You promised!