Barefoot Beach

March 8, 2006  |  Creative

Holding hands, with her head on his shoulder they walked barefoot on the beach. The sun warming their faces as they continued their walk in silence. It was a habit of theirs to spend a day at the beach watching the beauty of the waves, the lovely blue color of the sea as it fed their souls an inner peace, which helped them reach a newer level of understanding. This level brought forth an understanding of minds and souls, an understanding which didn’t require any words to voice an opinion or thought.

They looked like a beautiful painting of a loving couple, the vibes emitting from their expressions and statures served to paint them as such. Alexa glanced from the corner of her eye towards Derek hoping to find any of his thoughts dwelling in his eyes, but what she got was an expressionless face staring straight ahead. It’s been like this of a while now, the threat of their special time together about to leave them, about to disappear into thin air, and the only reason for this would be Derek’s commitment issues. Derek had an issue with planning for the future, for committing to an idea, or anything for that matter which had to deal with the future. Due to his unsuccessful plans he placed for the future he avoided the topic as if it were the plague itself. Alexa loved him dearly but at times, one needed to be assured that there is a future between them. Avoidance of such a topic will never solve the problem; it will never make the feeling that one day this happiness will be the source of deep hurt for both of them, and especially for Alexa. The tension existed underneath their love and relationship and soon it might overshadow it and lead to a nasty break up.

Spotting a beautiful ledge down the path they were walking, Alexa lifted her head and turned to face Derek smiling devilishly while suggesting that they should head out towards that ledge to perhaps sit for a while. “Come on honey, let’s race towards that ledge and the last one there will have to do whatever the winner wants” she said. Derek looked at her with his lips twitching at the sides, but not wanting to smile yet, he pretended to think deeply on such a topic and said “I don’t think that’s a wise idea baby, I could ask you to perform something naughty.” Smiling devilishly now Derek looked at Alexa as her expression changed drastically. Alexa threw back her head and laughed heartily and said, “You naughty bastard, what makes you think that you’ll win! What makes you think that with your old geezer body, you could outrace my lithe athletic figure”

“Old geezer? We’ll see about that, but bear in mind that you brought this onto yourself” he said with the devilish glints in his eyes as he got into position.” We’ll see what my old geezer body will do to your attractive luscious figure,” he added with a wink. Laughing even louder she got into position as well and started counting in a loud voice “On your mark, get set, GO!?”

Together they ran towards the ledge each trying to outrun the other whether it was by cheating or not, they tried their best. Until one of them reached there 10 seconds before the other and stood panting heavily as they tried to catch their breath. “Hmm, I wonder what will I ask of you now?” they said.

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  1. Damn … who go there first, and what did that person ask fo the other … Jacquiiiiiiiiiiii dun do this to me … come on tell me tell me,,, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. I won’t mention who won yet :P Leave it to your imagination! And await the second part tomorrow :P

  3. ukh.. i HATE CLIFFHANGERS!!!

    they’re so much fun for the authors…. how come i don’t get that fun feeling!!!

  4. I would have let you win :)

  5. Swair, Cliffhangers are the best things :P Hehehehe

    William, I would’ve beat you without a second thought :P

  6. awwwww amazing story! can’t wait for the 2nd part

  7. Ananyah, I can’t wait to think up the second part :P

  8. Alexa and Derek… hmm i wonder where you got the names from????