“Umm Do You?”

March 11, 2006  |  Creative

“Baby do you still love me?” he asked in the most unsure voice anyone has ever heard of.

“What kind of stupid, dumb question is that?” she replied teasingly.

“Just answer me please, after all of these years do you still love me, do you love me more than you did before? Please?” his voice shook slightly but only to the trained ear, the ear who constantly heard him at his most vulnerable points and at his most strong points.

“Of course I love you, you dimwit, had I not loved you I still wouldn’t be here all these years! I still wouldn’t get mad some nights when we aren’t close to each other when I don’t even hear your voice because sleeping after hearing your voice has always induced sweet dreams for me” she replied in a angry-teasingly voice.

He laughed quite a bit and admitted he loved her as well, and loved her more than before by claiming, “You’re mine you know that don’t you? You’re mine and you’ll always be mine!” and she ends it by saying in a devilish voice “I know I’m yours, but that also makes you completely mine.”

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  1. She is cheating on him ..

  2. Mosan, How come its typical?

    K, What makes you think she is cheating on him? :/

  3. It?€™s a common scenario, a bit on the nagging side

  4. Mosan, common for the female to nag the same question, but its not that common for the male :r

  5. I am assuming this guy is called is7aq (some of you will understand what I mean)

  6. I am a pessimist .. everybody is cheating.
    And! Why did the guy question her love for him; something must have happened to have him doubt that.

  7. is7aq was with me last night

  8. I am shocked!! is7aq with you now!!!

  9. is7aq is always with me… it wasnt him in this conversation

  10. This proves what K is saying is right, everyone is cheating, and is7aq is the biggest Bcheater.

  11. at least he is MY Bcheater…. ur just jealous… and k is right… everyone is a cheater…purg u are too

  12. No I am an honest Mormen.

  13. moooore meeeeeen wooooohooooooooo

  14. Purgatory, Is7aq lives in your world not mine, mine is filled with hooded men who service to my needs and my needs alone. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I’M QUEEN OF ALL MANKIND!

    Rampurple, yea it wasn’t is7aq it was his brother Lucifer

    Purg, Yea you are a cheater as well

    Rampurple, LOL now I’m starting to comment back and forth :/

  15. Is7aq is a REAL person!

    As for your hood munchkins :P

    As for me being a cheater, rumors, rumors, hate the game, don’t hate the Purg-layer.

  16. erm… is7aq doesnt have a brother… he is an only child.
    purg i love u for being a cheater…

  17. Ram, yeah he is an only child and I am not a cheater, am just multi-available

  18. Purgatory, NO HE DOES NOT EXIST IN THIS REALM! and don’t make fun of my hooded men :/

    Rampurple, well he’s his adopted brother :r

    Purgatory YOU ARE A CHEATER! :P

    Note: Wink (Ahh my true love, Tooomz)

  19. Yu would love for me to be a cheater so you can have me.

  20. jackie… nope just checked… doesnt have an adopted brother either :P
    purg call it as u wish

    ;) poor tooomz is stuck in a mandatory course

  21. Men usually don?€™t nag on the other hand women tend to ask that question over and over again

  22. Purgatory, lol I don’t think Ramp wants you :P

    Rampurple, Oh then his imaginary brother :P I think he can have those :P Yea poor Toomz :(

    Mosan, true that’s why this situation is different.

  23. It couldn’t be Is7aq in the post .. he doesn’t question if other people love him .. he loves himself too much to care.

  24. Jackie, i was talking about you :P

  25. K, true I guess he would do that :/

    Purgatory, no I don’t want you either :/

  26. Damn those are some crazy conversations. But on a serious point sometimes people need some confirmation! Those who have tried know! But different people have different needs!

  27. Awwww..people pitied me! That makes me feel so..


    Mandatory courses suck. None of the people want to be there so how effective is it in the long run? It’s all a publicity stunt. Bah!

    Love you too Jacqui ;) (NOTE: wink)

  28. iDip, Who’s possessive? :/

    Marzouq, True :P

    Tooomi, Yes you haave been pitied but hopefully tomorrow you can participate in the craze :P And yes I do love you more ;) (NOTE: wink)

  29. Jackie,

    He is & she is… the two you mentioned in your entry.