I had two lunches

March 15, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I had two different types of lunches to suit the two people living inside me.

Jacqui had Johnny Rockets, the Original burger with Cheese Fries.

While Jackie had Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup from China Town.

Can I get any more weird? I don’t think so :P

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  1. Oh, yes, you can.

  2. yummy .. yes you can you can you can indeed :)

  3. I didn’t have lunch yet, now you made me hungry. I don’t like driving with heavy traffic and the street are full right now so I can’t go to johnny rockets or china town :-(

  4. You are becoming like me.

  5. Moe, sad that’s supposed to cheer me up? :P

    Juddy Abbott, No I can’t :/ well maybe if I try a bit harder ;P

    Don Veto, I know I just got home and am feeling sleepy so I guess I should ummm take a nap ;P

    Purgatory, how so? :P

  6. Neo, Oh well :/ I wanted to be cheered up I thought I couldn’t get any weirder :/

  7. weird is a state of mind..u can’t try being weird

  8. Where I come from, it is considered an insult to be compared with purgatory.

  9. Whats wierd about that! I feel like sushi, then I want Machboos Deyaay now thats wierd, but it makes me feel good so who gives a damn if its wierd or not!!!!!

    Yes I love food! Good food!

  10. Neo, True ;/ I guess true

    Is7aq, I thought so as well :/ Purg is a big disease :/

    Marzouq, who doesn’t love good food? :/ Good food is something neeeded in life :/

  11. Fooood!!

    I want!

    Oh, wait…was i supposed to comment on the dual personality thing?

    Fine, fine… :p

    oOo! J’s got two personalities!

    Good enough, sa7? :D lool

  12. ‘Weird’ is not weird at all. Weird is normal. Weird is a good thing to be. We, in the institution, like to call it ‘Unique’. Bertha has a strange fascination with lightbulbs(she enjoys tasting the glass– while the lightbulbs on). Therefore, she is unique. Who else likes licking a 1000 degree lightbulb?

  13. Sou, Everyone wants food, food is awesome and yes its good enough I’ve got two personalities :P

    Moe, So I’m unique? :P

  14. Do not speak to Is7aq.

  15. hehehehe Johnny Rockets is nice..