Hectic Week?

March 17, 2006  |  Uncategorized

Such a hectic week for me here on my blog isn’t it? :P I blame it on Toomz’s Birthday! Seriously hehehe all of hell broke loose after her birthday or on the date of her birthday. Want me to recap?

The week started off boring as usual, until Sunday the 12th of March in which I posted a post about hate to be followed by the 13th of March’s post about Love and Toomi’s Birthday wishes. It was on such a date that all havoc and chaos were let upon this world and to prove it I’ll be posting a screenshot of my statistics on that day specifically.

Why do you ask? Because on the 13th of March, Toomz asked for a picture of a monkey wishing her a Happy Birthday and what did I post up? Well you can check it out here. It was with this monkey picture that I became labelled as the Nightmare Starter. Well I think that was my nickname for a while. But immediately after that post, I decided to come out, not out of the closet, not yet that is, but come out and admit that I am a BERVERT! And much good that did me, don’t you think? :P

Afterwards, I started confusing everyone who reads my blog by posting random ramblings about my berverted-ness, until on Wednesday I admitted that I had a …

split personality. And that I actually harbor two persona’s deep down inside me. Jackie the normal sensible girl who is a good girl (Yeah right!) and then there is Jacqui who is the bervert, overindulgent, sinner, greedy, needy, freaky, irrational, freak from Venus (I think I had to go that far away didn’t I?) So, what good did this all make me?

I now have heard many loving wishes from readers and have a reader who has a crush on me, and many other freaky thins happening in this world. Oh yeah and I have a few accomplices at burning ants (*me looks at A*) So I guess I should show you what I was talking about and so here is a glimpse at my world of Statistics.

Click on the image to see it in large.

P.S. Is7aq is real and Purgatory is a fake. Rampurple is great and Tooomz is also great. (Can’t play on something here :P) Ananyah is cool and Swair is my soul. Marzouq is new and NeO is cool. Sou is my freaky love and Nonaw is awesome.

I guess that should be all the ass-kissing I have to pass on today.

Theme idea has been approved with Jacqui and therefore with the assistance of my little sister the graphics and colors and such will undergo major change in a few days.

Other than that, it’s SAINT PATRICK’S DAY! So wear green or be pinched! (P.S. I have the word here so I don’t get a pinchy)

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  1. i love u tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :D

    yaaaay im going out to a club AGAIN for st patricks day hehehehe

    and u are a bervert!

  2. Aww! Hehehe, it’s okay! Split personalities are fun! I have 12, and every once in a while I discover a new one! They keep my life interesting. Like, this one time Moe woke up in the middle of this strange pie-baking contest Hands entered. I had to give up a pint of blood to be allowed to leave.

  3. now tell me, whom do prefer… Jackie or Jaqui?

  4. why are you still coupling me with is7aq?

  5. do we have green beer in kuwait??..maybe in sultan center?? (7ada imthayi3!!)

  6. awwww.. u is my soul too, hun :*

    and it wasn’t A who was burning ants, it was H… he’s the smoker, rmmbr? A was just a cheerleader during that event :p

  7. OMG!!! Cant wait till i see the new theemeeee :D
    Awww thanks, etha me = awsome … you = ROCK!! :P
    keep it Rocking sistaaa ;)
    Chaw :*

  8. Ananyah, No I’m not a bervert, I’m innocent :( I’m a little innocent kitty :P Hah! I guess that was funny!

    Moe, true multiple personalities are so much fun, it’s like you’re so unpredictable :P

    iDip, Well you tell me ;P

    Purgatory, because you are a couple.

    Neo, No I don’t think so ;P

    Swair, LOL! True I got that sort of wrong LOL I must’ve been intoxicated when writing this post ;P

    Nonaw, Hehehehe yay :P I rock WOHOOO! And the monkey is here to stay :P

  9. I love ya too!!!


    Still with the “murdering” ants thing?! :/


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